Quartermasters Task

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430 Quartermaster Lodge (2,2) Black Spot



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Groffleshark Steak from Grofflesnout Shark
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Lonely Isle Elven Ruins (6,2)
  5. Defeat Captain Guzak Guzh (Elite)
  6. Return to Lonely Isle Elven Ruins (6,2)


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The Quartermaster's Lodge is part of an ancient ruin. Even with your uneducated eyes you can recognize the Elven architecture. Sitting in this decaying grandeur is a fat Pirate looking sorrowfully into a large pot. As you approach the man looks up from is cooking, 'I don't know you, if you don't have the mark you can just shove off!'

The fat man takes the Black Spot, 'Oh, that's all right then. But I still don't like you. Your far to well dressed to be one of us. But you can be useful. If you've got the Spot then you can fight. I need some Groffleshark Steak for Captain Guzak Guzh. Dam Orcs eat the weirdest things. And they all bite as well! Go get me some Groffleshark Steak for the Captin's soup.'

The Quartermaster is still stirring his pot with dissatisfaction, 'You got that Groffleshark Steak? I need it to give this soup the bite the Captain likes'.

For the first time you see the Quartermaster smile. 'That's great, nobody else will get me the steak cos' the sharks are really horrible to kill. Here take this Shark Bite Soup to him, you'll find his driftwood table in the ruins themselves.' You gain 1 x Shark Bite Soup.

The Elven Ruins are impressive from the outside, from within they are almost breathtaking. The beautiful white coulombs and high vaulted roof gives a feeling of space and calmness. As you wander through the ruins you find a large table with a pirate drinking heavily. 'Your new, why are you here. Oh, I see you have you got the Captain's Soup. I'll take that.'

The Pirate looks you up and down. 'We don't not normally get strangers in here. The Quartermaster is very particular who comes in. But I get the feeling I know why he let you deliver the soup. Orcs are disgusting. Even their food is nasty. He's nothing like the Old Captin. If you kill the Orc, I'll give you the Pirate Queens Map to the Queen's personal stash It's where she keep her prized possession.

The Pirate sits by the table, The Shark Bite Soup steams beside him, 'You killed Captin Guzak Guzh (Elite) yet?'

The Pirate looks at you in astonishment, 'That's amazing, not only do I get his place but I also get his grub.' He snatches up a spoon and tucks in to the Shark Bite Soup. 'Oh, take this, Pirate Queens Map. It's no use to you without the Sea Eroded Key. But nobody knows where that is since the Second Mate dissapeared. Good luck to you, and thanks for the promotion and the soup.' (You receive 774,776 xp + Pirate Queens Map.)