Pounding Hooves

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505 Ralthien (Western Quarter) (7,8) [none]



  1. Kill 45 Ralthien Hired Centaurs
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Ralthien (Corral) (2,13)
  4. Pay 250,000 Gold
  5. Return to Start


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The streets of Ralthien are completely empty, only the clatter of Hooves can be heard on the air. A panicked City Guard comes running up to you.

The Guard comes up to a halt before you, 'Warrior, I deputise you into the City Guard of Ralthien. We have an emergency, the Centaur have gone berserk all of a sudden. I don't know why. They just will not listen to reason. They slaughtered my patrol on sight. I order you to kill 45 Ralthien Hired Centaur and restore order to the City.'

The lone City Guard is tending his wounds when you return, \'Have you killed 45 Ralthien Hired Centaur and brought peace back to Ralthien?\'

The Guard sighs deeply at the news, 'The Centaur are our allies, there must be some reason why they turned on us. I cannot return to my Lieutenant without some sort of explanation. Can you find out why they went crazy? You may want to look in the Corral, its where the major Centaur population is.'

The Streets are strewn with broken furniture and glass from the riot. You suddenly hear a loud bellowing from around a corner. You are so used to empty streets that you march round the corner. Too late to regret your mistake, you are faced with a large group of angry Centaur. In the center is a huge Centaur that you immediately know is the Leader of the riot.

You march straight up to the Centaur Leader, 'Why are you dong this?' The Leader looks down upon you, 'We have been forced into this City when we should be running free in our own Forest! The King has promised much but has failed to deliver, even after all this time. We have been promised gold for our labour but have received a pittance'. An idea springs to mind, you ask how much it would cost to bring peace to the City again. The leader scoffs, 'You cannot afford the mighty Centaur, only 250,000 gold will sate our hunger!'

The Centaur Leader goads you, \'Have you got 250,000 gold to halt the charge of the Centaur?\'

The Centaur Leader takes the gold in astonishment, 'You have 250,000 gold! By our honor I must take it. Go to your Leaders and tell them to make good their ancient promise or we shall rise again.' You breath a heavy sigh, the City Guard will want to hear your news.'

The City Guard is surrounded by a crowd of frightened citizens when you return. When he sees you he makes his way through the crowd, \'Have you news of why the Centaur suddenly rioted?\'

You explain that you met the Leader of the rioters, he mentioned an Ancient Promise to the Centaurs which the King seems not to have been honored fast enough for the Centaurs liking. But at the price of 250,000 Gold you managed to stop the riot. The City Guard listens intently to your tale, 'Yes, the Centaurs are easily swayed by the promise of money. But 250,000 is a huge amount of gold. I thank you for you sacrifice. I shall go immediately and speak to Lord Trillsarin about this development. As adviser to the King he will know what to do. The King's high opinion of outsiders seem well placed judging by your deeds here today. Take this Amulet as thanks from the City Guard for returning peace to Ralthien.' You receive 1,527,122 Xp + 1 x Ralthien Guard Pendant