Out With the Old

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390 Ug Grash Main (3,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Ug Grash Tower (North Top)
  3. Return to Start.
  4. Go to Ug Grash Tower (East Top)
  5. Return to Start.
  6. Go to Ug Grash Tower (South Top)
  7. Return to Start.
  8. Go to Ug Grash Tower (West Top)
  9. Return to Start.


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Walking through the gates of an Orc Fortress by yourself is not the brightest thing you have ever done. You get some odd looks but are left alone. This puzzles you. Through the throng of Orc, your eye is caught by a flash of bright red.

You walk up to the most ostentatiously dressed Orc you have ever seen. His armor is bright red, it has the Blood Eye emblem embossed on his breast plate. It actually looks really good. As you are admiring the armor you don't notice that the Orc himself is now staring at you. 'I see you know good armor when you spot it mate. I knew that we had spies in the Pale Skin army but didn't know they were so confident as to walk into Ug Grash. You must have Ko Lash's ear. We can help each other I think. You do me a favor and I'll do you one. I need someone I can trust, someone with a good arm. To prove your skills, go kill 2 Crushing Fist Champions. They can be found in the North Tower Top.'

You return to the brightly dressed Orc. He nods his head when you get close. The other Orcs around you become quiet and look around. \'So you have you done in 2 of those Crushing Fist Champions?\' The Orc asks.

The Orc clamps his hands, 'Well, well. You can take the Crushing Fist, but I bet you can't do a Blood Eye Champion, kill 3 to prove me wrong, they are in East Tower'

Ug Grash is very well laid out, it surprises you that the savage Orc could organize themselves in this way. You arrive back at the Red Orc, one of the Orcs surrounding him whispers that you are coming long before you get a chance to greet him. 'Don't tell me you've done in 3 Blood Eye Champions!' he growls at you.

The Orc puffs up his chest in obvious discomfort. 'Fine, you may be what I'm looking for, but you've annoyed me now. Go kill 4 Broken Fang Champions, it'll make me feel better knowing that you having trouble staying alive. The Broken Fang are in the South Tower.'

The Broken Fang were not as tough as you thought they might be. You are cleaning you weapon when you find the Red Orc in a rage that gives you the impression he is wearing a helmet to match his armour. 'Nooo, you haven't splotted 4 Broken Fang Champions, I don't believe it!'

The Orc is obviously not as impressed with you achievement as you might have thought he would be. You are getting the idea that he is trying to get you killed. 'Well your a regular overachiever, nobody likes a smarty-pants. Why don't you go kill 5 Dark Blade Champions? The Dark Blades are in the West Tower.'

The Dark Blades are a sneaky bunch, those twin daggers are far too sharp, but you eventually felled the last. The Red Orc is oddly silent when you return, 'Have you got rid of 5 of those Dark Blade Champions?'

He stares at you for a long time. 'We are a people who respect strength, and you are certainly strong, so I have to give you your due. You have kept your end of the bargain and I'll do mine. You may now enter The Halls of Ko Lash. Ko Lash will certainly give you a run for your money. If you do best him it will mean a new era for the Clans. Luck to you Warrior.' You gain 682,697 xp.