Omen of Trouble

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549 Lao Xan City (Suburb) (10,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 40 Zang Swords Women
  3. Obtain Shu Zi Gate Key
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Officials Compound
  6. Kill Master Shu Zi (Elite)
  7. Go to Officials Compound (2,10)


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On the broad streets of Lao Xan you are carried by the masses of people. The colours and noise are both intoxicating and daunting at the same time. You are brought to your senses abruptly when you are grabbed by a passerby.

The Small Man has a vice like grip. You can see desperation in his eyes before he even speaks, 'I have seen them, the Zang Swords Woman are stalking the streets. They are the vanguard of Master Shu Zi. But only those of power or the target of Shu Zi can see the Zang Swords. Please kill 40 Zang Swords Women and find the Shu Zi Gate Key that they carry. They must have one to enter Lao Xan undetected by the City Guard.'

The Small Man hops nervously from one foot to another, 'Have you killed 40 Zang Swords Woman, and found the Shu Zi Gate key?'

The Small Man takes the Key from you, 'I don't believe it. This is a key to the Artisan precinct of Lao Xan. No wonder we never knew how that were getting in. The Guard always thought they came through the main gate in the Merchant Precinct. I have access to the Officials Compound because I'm a Tax Collector. I'll let you in if you kill Master Shu Zi for me'

The Tax Collector stands in silent shame, 'Have you killed Master Shu Zi?'

He takes a deep breath, 'I knew he would be here, I have been skimming money off of the Taxes. So I deserve to be killed. From now on I'll do the Taxes correctly. I have a duty to my City as well as to myself. Thank you Warrior, take these Collectors Boots, I think I'll be needing new ones for the amount of people I have to re-calculate the Taxes for.' You receive 1,177,606 + 1 x Collectors Boots