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351 Tals Tent (3,3) Complete the quest Laying the Foundations.



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  • 405,407 XP

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You find Tal's tent nearest to the gate. As you enter, you find that Tal is busy inside opening boxes.

The Dwarf is stout even by their standards, he blinks at you, 'Sorry, I don't know who you are, how do you know my name? You explain that his cousin said that you should look him up and give him a hand setting up the new shop. At this Tal brightens, 'Yes, but I don't need help here, I do need some more sale items, could you get me some Mountain Troll Tusks? You should find the Trolls outside in the Mountain Heights.'

As you shake the snow from your feet, Tal rushes up to you. 'Great, your back, I was feeling a bit worried, I didn't think..... Those Trolls are huge, I'm glad to see your all right. Did you get those Mountain Troll Tusks?'

You hand over the troll tusks, Tal takes them eagerly. 'They are very popular for dagger handles here in Morukan. You have been a great help, we have to be so very careful who we trust lately. Go see Kor in the Cutting Room to the north of The Workshop, he is always looking for a good grafter for those Gems. You gain 405,407 xp