Marked by the Hag

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533 Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Upper Beach) (14,15) Probably



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Darkwater Hut (2,2)
  3. Go to Darkwater Lighthouse (Upper) (2,3)


Player Note: must have completed Clash of Magics and Kidnapped Citizen to finish quest

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A tall thin Woman stands on the shore staring out to sea.

She does not turn to you, 'I see that you are the plaything of both Destiny and Lishka. Though I think She has underestimated the pull of Destiny on your soul. This may prove interesting.' Confused you ask the woman what she knows of the Sea Hag that has dogged your footsteps of late. She turns to you, 'You do not know! How did She manage that? Meet me in the Lighthouse and we shall discuss this further. Oh, and go visit the Fishermans Hut, I think you will get to the Heart of the matter.'

The Drunk Fisherman sits in his hut surrounded by Globster Hooks. He obviously has been fooling more people than you. From the piles of gold, the Hooks find a good price.

The Fisherman starts to give wild excuses for his charade. Due to his ranting he does not notice you draw your weapon. He does notice you pounding his head in, but not for long. In a fit of rage you tear his heart out. You are not sure why. You gain 1 x Fishermans Heart

A tall thin Woman stands staring out to sea.

The Woman turns before you can speak, her stare silences you. 'I take it that you have seen the truth of the Drunk Fisherman. He has conned the kind hearted for months now and grown fat off their labour. Sometimes the wicked can use the good for their own ends. As Lishka has done with you. She has bound you to Her, she can now draw you with just a thought. When you try to protest the Woman rises her hand. 'Have you given her a Chaos Orb? (Renewal of Strength) Or have you given her a present that she did not need? (Clash of Magics) Do not be too angry with yourself, she is clever but you can free yourself from her influence. The Chaos Orb has torn a part of your soul and replaced it with some of the Shroud. Those who know can sense this and manipulate you, as I did with the Drunk Fisherman. The small orb she now carries shows that darkness which is now inside you. The present you gave her is also used for the Binding. To break Lishka's influence you must enter the Shroud and smash the Soul Anchor. The Binding item draws it's power from the Shroud inside you so the destruction of the Anchor will shatter her hold on you. Take this recipe, it will make a Shroud key - if you have the components that is. The Key will open the Path of the Dread Mist. Along this dark path you will enter the Shroud. As an aside, Lishka has cut off her island from the world, you may only enter it from the Shroud. The path to the Shroud will be closed, unless you have made a friend of the Death Cult this is easier than you would think, maybe you should check out the Gloomy Vale. Your way be safe Warrior.' You gain 1,105,870 Xp + 1 x Recipe of the Shroud Key