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453 Dark Mist Forest (Clearing) (16,10) [none]



  1. Obtain Simple Bauble
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Hundra Village (8,9)
  4. Obtain Guardian Fang
  5. Return to Hundra Village (8,9)


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You have heard of magical creatures in lonely Forests who use mortals for their own ends, so it makes you very nervous when an stunningly beautiful Woman calls to you.

The Woman is obviously not your usual maiden in distress, you hand strays instinctively to your weapon hilt. 'I see you do not trust me, this is good. Many who come to this Forest are far too gullible. But I need your help in a matter of some delicacy. I had trinket a ....... Simple Bauble that was taken from me by another of my kind. I just do not know which one has stolen from me. Can you find my Treasure? I would be most grateful.

The Beautiful Woman smiles radiantly at your return. \'Have you found my Simple Bauble?\'

She takes the shining object, 'Oh - you have been a dear. Can I ask you just one more thing. It won't take too long. Simply take the Bauble to the Hundra Village and set it in it's rightful place in the Font of Souls.' You gain 1 x Simple Bauble

You enter a hidden part of the Forest. All around you are the same beautiful Women, they look at you with a an un-nerving hunger. In the center of the area you come to a stone alter. It is filled with shining orbs just like the one you are holding.

As soon a the Orb hits the Font, the Women surrounding you suddenly lunge at you. As you draw your weapon a voice calls an abrupt halt to the battle. 'Leave this one.' You turn to find the Hundra that you first met standing between you and the other Hundra. 'This one came voluntarily, a chance to prove the Warriors might must be given!' At this the other Hundra pulls back reluctantly. 'Warrior you can earn the right to leave this village with your life. Simply return here with a Fang of the Guardian. Only the most potent Warriors may best them. Return here if you manage to complete the task.'

The Hundra greets you with mild intrest. \'Have you managed to draw the Guardian Fang from the maw of our protectors?\'

The Hundra seem strangely please with this, 'You have proved yourself both strong and persistent. I shall not only let you live but I will also give you a Soul Orb as a remembrance to your achievement. You may go with honor Warrior. You receive 798,550 Xp + 1 x Soul Orb.