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# Go to [[Troll Hold]] (7,6)
# Go to [[Troll Hold]] (7,6)
# Obtain [[Bone Key]]
# Obtain [[Bone Key]] from [[Troll Hold Guard]]
# Return to [[Troll Hold]] (7,6)
# Return to [[Troll Hold]] (7,6)
#* Receive [[Troll Loot]]
#* Receive [[Troll Loot]]

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459 Dark Mist Forest (Range) (3,10) [none]



  1. Go to Troll Hold (7,6)
  2. Obtain Bone Key from Troll Hold Guard
  3. Return to Troll Hold (7,6)
  4. Return to Start


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In your short stay here in Dark Mist you have come to realize that if you can\'t handle a sword your not going to last for very long. It come as a surprise then when you find a high class Merchant waving his arms in the air.

The Merchant looks like he would be much more at home in a comfortable city rather than the wilds of Dark Mist Forest. 'I'm terribly sorry to trouble you, but I'm in a spot of bother. I need to get my hands on some money rather quickly, and I know of a cave of Trolls just north of here. As you know Troll eat everything they can find, but have no interest in anything their 'food' carries. So an established Troll Cave will have a whole load of treasure! There's just the minor problem of the flesh eating Trolls to deal with. Could you get me some Troll Loot, I'll split some of it with you.'

The Troll Hold is a dark and revolting place. The air is thick with the stench of death and Troll. You eventually stumble across a Large Chest.

The lid stays firmly shut. It's locked. Maybe one of the Troll Guards will have a key...

The Large Chest remains stubbornly shut, if only you had the key.

The Trolls are a hard to kill as people have told you. You slip in the crude bone key and the chest opens with a loud creak. Inside you find piles of gold coins and rare jewels. You quickly fill your back pack as fast as you can. You want to spend as little time in the Troll Hold as you can. When your Back Pack is full you throw it over your shoulder, you had better return to the Desperate Merchant. You recieve 1 x Troll Loot

The merchant is sitting with his head in his hands when you return. Unbelieving he whispers, \'Have you managed to get the Troll Loot?\'

You open you back pack and the Merchants face shines with relief and joy at the gold and rear jewels that come tumbling out. He great fully scoops up the coins and jewels but when he finds the sword he pauses. 'I think you would find this more useful than I.' Your receive 756,801 Xp + 1 x Orc Slayer