Knock Knock

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427 Craggy Coastline (Lower) (11,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Ceramic Bomb from Pirate Bomber
  3. Return to Start


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Embedded in a low hill is a reinforced door.

The huge door is locked, maybe one of those Pirate Bombers would give you one of their bombs. If they don't you'll have to take one.

The Pirate Bombers weren't as giving as they could have been. But eventually you persuaded one to 'give' you a Ceramic Bomb.

The huge door disintegrates under the blast. Shards of wood rain from the sky. A shabby little man stumbles out from the wreckage. 'Thank you, the Queen put me in there to punish me for not falling into line when the Old Captain went. I was also useful to her being locked up. She does not want her little treasure being found you see. Take this Sea Eroded Key. I don't need to guard it no more. Right, I'm outta here. Cheers for the jail break mate.' (You receive 600,278 xp + 1 x Sea Eroded Key)