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398 Catacombs of Dar GromSol (14,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Widows Keepsake from Weeping Widow
  3. Return to Start


Player Note: Keep the Widows Keepsake as it is needed for the quest Guardian of the King.

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The Catacombs are a dark and lonely place, there is a constant feeling that you are being watched. The cries of the restless dead howl through the narrow halls and corridors, this only adds to the feeling of dread and isolation. In a gloomy corner you find a man cowering in fear.

The man reals from you as you draw near. When you don't attack him he eventually calms down. 'Sorry, I thought you were one of them.... my ancestor is wandering these passages weeping for her husband. She does not know that he was a thief, she is convinced that he was wrongly punished for attempting to break into the Treasury of the King. Though she carries his tools as a Keepsake. Please bring me the Widows Keepsake.'

The man has composed himself better when you return, 'Have you got the Widows Keepsake?'

The man takes the Widows Keepsake, 'These are ancient thieves tool. Very precise for their time. I shall let you keep them, the past has to stay where it is. I only wanted my ancestor to give them up, she will then find peace once she had let go. I thank you for your kindness. Many would not have bothered with such a trivial task, I can only reward you with information. The Treasure room was the most secure of it's age. This was because it was fake, it was also filled with fools gold to lure overzealous robbers. The real Treasure Room is actually hidden away in a corner of the Catacombs. A hidden stair links the fake Treasure Room with the real one. With your tools you will be able to open the doors and some one can finally see the forbidden chamber of the Kings riches. You gain 521,421 XP + 1 x Widows Keepsake