Hunting Season

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697 Torgais Mountains (Summit) (17, 4) [none]



  1. Go to Start
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  3. Go to Torgais Mountains (Summit) (10, 16)


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You encounter a hunter. 'Can you help me hunt down some of the Great Torgais Ibex in this area? Their pelts fetch quite a price.'

The hunter smiles. 'It will be worth it. Return here once you killed at least 50.'

You manage to find the hunter. 'Hey, did you manage to kill those Ibex?'

'Very impressive. We've managed to slay enough Ibex to get us several pelts. We will need to check the local market and see what they're willing to pay me for the pelts we got out of those kills. I'll give you half of any profit. Help me find the market.'

You arrive at the market with the hunter alongside you. 'Alright, wait here while I talk to the market owner.'

After several minutes of haggling with the market owner, the hunter returns to you. 'Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to get any money for the hides, however I managed to trade them for some items. Here's your share.' The Hunter hands you a valuable rune. 'Thank you again for your help, friend.' You gain 'Rune of Heitrals' and 2,037,472 XP.