Hunter of Grotesque

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395 Dar GromSol Sewers (2,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Thing Carcass from Sewer Thing
  3. Return to Start


  • 513,581 XP

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A light shines in the murky blackness.

As you get nearer the light you hear a sigh of relief, 'I thought you were another one of those Things, I hunt strange creatures for a rich buyer. The rich have no idea of what dangers lurk in the underbelly of the world. Though some like to display the more exotic horrors in weird collections that only the rich can afford. But this hunt has been too much for me, can you do me a favor my friend. Can you get me a carcass of a Sewer Thing?'

The hunter has doused his light when you return, this was probably very wise, 'Have you a carcass of a Sewer Thing? He whispers from the shadows.'

The Hunter takes the foul object, 'You have no idea what this means to me, I think I'll give this line of work up. Get something that pays less but will mean I live longer. If you want some riches, try the Palace Ruins South of here. Kings love to hide their riches in Treasure rooms, and nobody is foolish enough to look too hard in that ruin. It's most likely to be intact even after all this time. Luck to you friend. ' You gain 513,581 XP