Hunt For Herbs

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259 Ghelmot (West) (11,11) [none]



  1. Go to start.
  2. Go to Ghelmot (West) (10,3)
  3. Go to Ghelmot (West) (11,11)


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You have come across a tribal village. the villagers tell you that they are starving as the only hunter in the village is ill and they need to find a rare herb to help him recover. They don't want to leave the ill hunter alone and ask if you would find the Amut herb for them. Will you help the village?

You agree and they tell you that they think a patch of the rare Amut herb grows to the north of the village.

You have found the patch of rare Amut herbs. Will you gather some?

You Gather up enough of the herb and head back to the village. You gain 1 x Amut Herb.

You have returned to the village with the herbs. Will you give the Amut Herbs to the villagers?

They are ever great full for your help and award you with one of their most prized possessions. You gain 1 x Sabercat Armor & 269,901 xp.