Hungry Horror

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365 Hidden Valley (North) (8,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 15 Gremlins
  3. Go to Hidden Valley (North) (3,2)


  • 438,440 XP

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The Hidden Valley is a beautiful land with lush meadows and blue sky. You walk easily along wide well worn paths. You are struck by the lack of travelers for such an apparently abundant land. Just before night fall you come across a lonely cottage. The old man inside jumps as you entre, 'Oh, company, you looking for a place to stay for the night Stranger, I'll let you stay if you would do me a favor?'

The old man smiles, 'Great, I need to be escorted to the gate to The Hidden Valley(West) North West of here. It would also be good if you could kill 15 of those beastly Gremlins. It's not safe for folks to live here any more. We'll call it a deal then, better get some sleep, we're off early in the morning.

The old man is surprisingly spry for his age, he keep up much easier than you would have thought, when you are just in front of the exit he stops, 'Thats grand my young Friend, now have you killed 15 of those Gremlins, they eat everything in sight!'

You have no idea the favor you have done me, I got here safely and you got rid of some of those balls of terror. He pats you on the back, You have earned your keep well, success will surly come to you if you have that much perseverance. With that he shakes you hand and enters the Western Valley. You gain 438,440 xp.