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! Maxed
! Maxed
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Armory]] || 15 / 20 ||
| [[Armory]] || 20 / 20 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Awareness Training]] || 5 / 5 || Yes
| [[Awareness Training]] || 5 / 5 || Yes
Line 121: Line 121:
| [[Crafters Workshop]] || 5 / 5 || Yes
| [[Crafters Workshop]] || 5 / 5 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Crippling Shrine]] || 18 / 20 ||
| [[Crippling Shrine]] || 20 / 20 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Destructive Shrine]] || 6 / 6 || Yes
| [[Destructive Shrine]] || 6 / 6 || Yes
Line 133: Line 133:
| [[Health Shrine]] || 20 / 20 || Yes
| [[Health Shrine]] || 20 / 20 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Inventors Laboratory]] || 6 / 10 ||
| [[Inventors Laboratory]] || 10 / 10 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Military Advisor]] || 1 / 1 || Yes
| [[Military Advisor]] || 1 / 1 || Yes
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| [[Pentagram]] || 6 / 6 || Yes
| [[Pentagram]] || 6 / 6 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Preemptive Temple]] || 12 / 15 ||
| [[Preemptive Temple]] || 15 / 15 || Yes
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| [[Protection Shrine]] || 7 / 7 || Yes
| [[Protection Shrine]] || 7 / 7 || Yes

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The Hunted Cow Tippers
Leader(s): TheSlope, Fizzgig, seph003
Founder: TheSlope
Allies: Mythical Outlawz, The Tormented, United Crusaders
Website: http://thct.omgforum.net/index.htm

This is a guild page! Please do not edit this page unless you are editing it for good purposes, such as fixing broken links or correcting typos. Thank you.


Guild History

The barn door is open! This guild is free to levels 10 and up. You must be active, or you may find yourself kicked. Why don't you come and beef up our chat?

We are a fun and free guild, with TONS of equipment! Don't believe me? Scroll down this page to the "equipment" section. If you want to join, send a message to either of our Herders (Iceweed or Melker04) and they will review your profile and invite you... or not.

This group of inferior mortals is moving up in this world! We are now a Top 250 guild and slowly rising up the ranks.

"The measure of a guild lies not in it's fixed structures, but in it's people." -TheSlope

Important Events

The Rules

Guild Behavior

  • Use chat language – that means no cursing or swearing!
  • No arguing or defaming each other... play nice!
  • No begging for gold or FSP (This includes regular requests for "loans").
  • Do not ask for buffs unless you are at least 85% max stamina, so stamina isn’t wasted by the buffer. We all value our stamina.
  • Always buff yourself with what ever buffs you have, BEFORE asking for buffs from guild mates. Again, they value their stamina too.
  • Please buff your guild mates at lower levels, when they are at an acceptable stamina level, for the good of the guild.
  • The guild bank is to support and upgrade the guild structures. Do not ask for a loan from the bank, as you will not get it. (Please re-read "begging" rule, if unsure.)
  • No multi-accounts. It is cheating and you will get banned by the admins. We do not tolerate rule breakers no matter what!
  • Do not use “Groups” to attack common creatures. They are to be used on Elites and Super Elites only, unless killing a Champion is part of a quest and you can’t kill him on your own. This is waste of stamina for everyone in the group.
  • Do not disband your group simply because the monster is gone, the groups last 24 hours and can easily be used again, when you disband the group, you just wasted everyone in the group's stamina.
  • Do not attempt to capture relics guarded by some guild you cannot beat! This wastes the whole group's stamina, and it is not worth it.

Leaving & Returning

  • If you leave voluntarily, then you cannot come back. That is final. This includes everyone, including officers!
  • It would be a VERY rare occasion indeed, that we will let anyone return, who voluntarily left. There are a few reasons that we will let a player return, such as if they were kicked for inactivity. Those will be looked at on a case by case basis.
  • We can't tell you that the grass is always greenest in The Hunted Cow Tippers, but we can, and will, tell you that we don't want guild hoppers. There is too much lost CXP when you leave and guild levels are based on CXP. You are taking your own risk by leaving.

Guild Store

  • Store items – no junk (common items) and never fill the last slot of the Guild Store.
  • Take items – use what ever is available in the Guild Store. Do not recall items that another player has equipped (in blue), unless you have an agreement with that player. Feel free to recall un-equipped items (in black).
  • Use sets till they are obsolete at your level, re-equip yourself, and then give them up to someone at a lower level.
  • If you use gear from the Guild Store for an extended amount of time (for example: Plague, Deep, Thonomoths, etc.), it would be nice if you put a forge or two on an item or crafted it better, as you are saving a ton anyway by not having to buy them yourself. Please help future guild mates to do well too, for the good of the guild.
  • Do not pull someone’s group attack drop from the Guild Store, unless they ask you to retrieve it for them. That would be considered stealing.

Attacking People

  • We prefer not to, unless in retaliation, but bounty is always the best response.
  • Feel free to attack all the “Inactive Accounts” you want to.
  • DO NOT attack someone who tries to initiate a guild conflict. Founders will decide when and where we do a GvG conflict and we will specifically target fairly inactive guilds.
  • Never attack a guild mate!
  • Remember, if you attacked someone first, it is not our responsibility to bail you out, though your founders will always try to use political reasoning to solve a problem.


  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Structure Name Level Maxed
Armory 20 / 20 Yes
Awareness Training 5 / 5 Yes
Bandit Camp 5 / 5 Yes
Battle Totem 20 / 20 Yes
Blacksmith 5 / 5 Yes
Blade Master 6 / 6 Yes
Combat Pit 25 / 25 Yes
Crafters Workshop 5 / 5 Yes
Crippling Shrine 20 / 20 Yes
Destructive Shrine 6 / 6 Yes
Endurance Shrine 3 / 3 Yes
Fury Shrine 5 / 5 Yes
Guild Registrar 3 / 3 Yes
Health Shrine 20 / 20 Yes
Inventors Laboratory 10 / 10 Yes
Military Advisor 1 / 1 Yes
Pentagram 6 / 6 Yes
Preemptive Temple 15 / 15 Yes
Protection Shrine 7 / 7 Yes
Shrine of Pain 5 / 5 Yes
Sustain Shrine 5 / 5 Yes
Tavern 1 / 1 Yes
Temple 5 / 5 Yes
Thieves Guild 2 / 2 Yes
Training Room 8 / 10
Tranquil Retreat 6 / 6 Yes
Weaponsmith 20 / 20 Yes


Current Ranks

Guild Experience Rank Name Days
0 Flea Tipper 3, 5
1,000 Tick Tipper 3, 7
5,000 Mouse Tipper 5, 10
20,000 Cat Tipper 10, 12
50,000 Dog Tipper 10, 15
200,000 Goat Tipper 10, 20
500,000 Calf Tipper 15, 20
2,000,000 Hunted Cow Tipper 20, Never
5,000,000 Bull Tipper Never, Never
10,000,000 Personalized Rank Never, Never

First number of days is how long you have to be inactive before we mark you as "Mad Cow Disease." The second number of days is when we decide to take action. (Whether it be kick or otherwise).

Special Ranks

  • Guild Founder - TheSlope: Exclusive rank limited to the Bull God.
  • Tipperholic and CoFounder - Fizzgig: Exclusive rank limited to the Silent God.
  • Udder Tugger and CoFounder - seph003: Exclusive rank limited to the FSP God.
  • Udderly Fabulous LEVELER OF THE WEEK: You get this rank if you level up the most times in a week out of the whole guild. If you do get this, you'll have your name with this rank for a week. In the case of a tie, experience gained is used as the tie-breaker.
  • THCT Stockyard Manager - Sinho6: The job includes making sure there is an open slot, rearranging items between the guild, equipping the guild, especially those back from vacations or Mad Cow Diseases, updating the wiki page, making sure people are using proper gear for their level, helping to decide which items are not needed, tracking the level and XP of every member every week to determine the Udderly Fabulous LEVELER OF THE WEEK, and generally making sure that they are having good gear for their level.
  • THCT Guild Sheppard - Federicus: The job includes training recruits when they have proven loyalty and equipping them. This person will also promote the guild members when they achieve the milestones. This person also kicks people who aren't training.
  • THCT Guild Herder - Iceweed, Melker04: These guys get new recruits and (if they are low level) make sure they know how to equip themselves. They also keep an eye on the Wall of Shame.
  • THCT Guild Bean Counter - Navorn: This person helps keep an eye out on the gold we have and suggests upgrades to be made when the gold is enough. Basically, this person is the accountant.

Although these people have shiny ranks, they are not exempt from normal guild rules.