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Joined: 01/Oct/2008
Name: Elnestor
Medals: 5_4.gif 8_3.gif 9_2.gif 14_4.gif
Guild: Rosilian Keep II
Allies: Talsarnau
Enemies: None

  About me
Name: Herbert L. Schauer Player since: Oct 1st, 2008
Born: Apr 6th, 1958 Rosilian Keep II since: Oct 8th, 2008
Time Zone: Server Time + 1 Wiki Contributor since: Nov 6th, 2008
Location: Graz, Austria Contributions so far: 10,624
Occupation: Software Developer (retired)
status_1.jpg I am not a Sysop on the FSWiki.
If you need help (delete pages, edit your code, block abusive users etc.) you have to ask Belgrave or any other Sysop.

Some of my little helpers, used for contributing.

Thanks to Belgrave, as i´m using a lot of his creations, to make my pages look better :-)