Guardian of The King

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399 Treasure Rooms of Dar GromSol (6,7) Complete Keepsake



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Seething Caverns (5,2)
  3. Obtain Crown of Power from Angra Warrior
  4. Return to Seething Caverns (5,2)
  5. Go to Seething Caverns (15,16)
  6. Return to Start


  • 714,611 XP

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You finally gained entry to the the Treasure Room, the floor is strewn with piles of gold coins. You remembered the man in the Catacombs telling you about the fools gold so you ignore it. What he didn't tell you about was the stone Golem-like statue sitting in the center of the Treasure room. It's eyes fixed directly upon you.

You slowly draw nearer to the Golem, he sits staring at you. 'I do not recognize you, but I haven't see anyone for hundreds of years, only spirits of tormented souls. I also note you do not take a coin, this shows you are of the Guard, only they knew that it was an illusion. Do you have a token of respect for the King?

Before stands a strange Golem sitting in the centre of a room filled with gold coins, 'Do you have a token of respect for the King?'

You hand over the old thieves tools, the Golem slowly nods. 'Only a Thief of merit would own a set of tools as these. They would also not give them easily, you must have taken it from him by force. I accept these as a token of respect for The King. I have not received any token for many years uncounted. Time has no meaning here, so I cannot tell how long. But I do know that there is a growing danger to The King from below. You may enter the Inner Treasure Room. There is a stair which leads to it from this chamber, the Inner Treasure Room is actually within the Catacombs. The Old King wanted his riches to be near him even in death. I have see some malignant sprints enter the Treasure Rooms, I am bound to this room, can you find out where they are coming from for me?'

You walk through the Seething Caverns, they are aptly named. Waves of heat crash against you as you move over the narrow rock pathway. You come across one of the oddest sights you have ever seen. A Demon with his head in his hands.

You have met these Evil Spirits before. They are generally laughing with glee at the death and destruction that they deal out to around them. But to come across one which appears to be sulking is new. As you come near the Demon look at you with utter contempt, 'Oh this is just perfect. A so-called-hero has appeared to kill me. I should have never trusted that Mage.' Dispite yourself you are intrigued, 'How could a Mage outwit a powerful Spirit such as yourself?' The Demon's face fills with pride at your words, 'Yes....Yes you are right Warrior. Go get my Crown of Power for those betrayers that call themselves Angra Warriors, and shall explain more.'

You return to the demon, 'Have you got my Crown of Power from one of those betrayers who dare to call themselves Angra Warriors? They took my Crown, but with it I can rally those still loyal to it and re-take my Kingdom.'

The Demon takes the Crown from you, 'At last, my subjects do not see the value of Mortals. Though you are much more trustworthy than Xindaroth. He summoned me to this plane with a deal. Help him open a portal so Spirits of Corruption would come through, he will let us stay here. We did this, the portal can be found south of here. Only I didn't watch what Xindaroth said. He said we could stay here, which meant never leave. This is a prison to all that heeded the call. I shall let you go to the inner island as repayment, as long as you kill Xindaroth for me.' He then disappears in a puff of sulphur. The Portal of Corruption sounds interesting. You should go look at it.

The heat of this place is can only be comfortable to the Demons who live here. On a large open area you find a pair of pilers, but they seem to be strangely melted.

The pilers have odd runes all over them, you have no idea what they say or did. But if this is where Corrupting Evil came into our realm, the portal seems to have not been immune to the very corruption coming thorough it. There is one symbol that stand out from the rest, it doesn't seem to be part of the portal. It seems to be a mark of heraldry. This might be just the proof that the Stone Golem in the Treasure Rooms of Dar GromSol wanted. You should return to him with your discovery.

The Stone Golem is sat where you left him. He looks at you with interest as you approach, 'Have you proof of where these Spirits are coming from?'

You hand over the strange symbol, the Golem looks at it. 'This is the Seal of Xinderoth, the last of the Court Mages. Something happened between the King and the Mage, but where did you find this?' You discribe the hole blasted through the floor of the the Inner Treasure Room, and the Seething Caverns it lead to. Meeting the Demon and the deal with Xinderoth. Then finally the portal which let Corrupting Evil into the realm that ate the City. The Golem listens to all you say then nods slowly. I knew something was wrong when nobody came to me other than Spirits. Thank you Warrior. Please go through this portal and slay Xinderoth and avenge my King. I must stay here and fulfil my purpose. Maybe a new King will arise and I can then serve him. Luck to you Warrior. You gain 714,611 xp

User Notes

To get to the start location (the first time), you will have to walk the way through Dar GromSol Desert. It is not possible to go the "back way" through Catacombs of Dar GromSol. --Isakus 16:33, 2 December 2009 (UTC)