Glaciated Village

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262 Ossrand (East) (3,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 60 Ossrand Bearcats
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Ossrand (East) (13,7)


  • 100,000 gold_button.gif
  • 287,205 XP

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You come across a village encased in ice. It's hollow within and from inside you can make out the shapes of the survivors of this bizarre attack. Suddenly you are ambushed by some of the local Bearcats! You realize it must have been them that did this to the village. Will you fight them off and rescue whoever is inside the ice covered village?

You must kill the 60 ambushing Ossrand Bearcats before you can return to free the village.

You return to the ice covered Village. Have you killed all the Ossrand Bearcats?

You begin to smash through the icy shell. The villagers are happy you have freed them however they have nothing to give you for your effort as the Bearcats stole everything of value from the village before they covered it in magic ice. One of the villagers thinks the Bearcats hid the villagers' wealth in one of the caves in the area and they agree if you find it you may keep the wealth as thanks.

You have eventually found the cave where the Ossrand Bearcats hid the treasure from the village. Will you take the treasure?

You look though the treasure and take what you need but leave some behind for the villagers if they ever come and find it. You gain 100,000 gold & 287,205 xp.