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|set=Frost Giant Set
|set=Frost Giant Set
|set-item-1=Frost Giant Armor
|set-item-1=Frost Giant Amulet
|set-item-2=Frost Giant Axe
|set-item-2=Frost Giant Armor
|set-item-3=Frost Giant Ring
|set-item-3=Frost Giant Axe
|set-item-4=Frost Giant Shield
|set-item-4=Frost Giant Ring
|set-item-5=Frost Giant Rune
|set-item-5=Frost Giant Rune
|set-item-6=Frost Giant Shield

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This item also exists in a reborn version. For the reborn item, see Reborn Frost Amulet. For the reborn set, see Reborn Frost Set
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Name: Frost Giant Amulet
Type: Amulet
Rarity: Legendary
Craftable: Yes


Dropped by:
Thundror the Frost Giant (Legendary)


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Min. Level: 100
Durability: 120
Attack: 0
Armor: 0
HP: 0
Damage: 0


Dodge: 0


Crafted Statistics

  Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good Excellent Perfect
• Att: - - - - - -
• Arm: - - - - - -
• HP: - - - - - -
• Dam: - - - - - -