Eye of the Crocodile

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287 Ephal Swamp (East) (3,9) [none]



  1. Obtain Crocodile Eye Stone from Giant Ephal Crocodile (Champion)
  2. Go to Start


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You come across a giant Crocodile statue deep in the swamp. Around it are many of the crazy and strange swamp tribes people. They are all moaning and crying. You ask one of the more sane ones whats up and he tells you that one of the statues eyes has gone missing. He asks you to help them find it before they feel the wrath of their reptilian gods. Will you help?

The tribesman says that the eye was ironically swallowed by one of the Giant Ephal Crocodiles, most likely a champion of their kind and that the eye stone resembles a red ruby. Find it and return to the statue.

You have returned to the Crocodile statue. The tribesman asks you if you have the eye stone?

You give the tribesman the Crocodile Eye Stone and he places it in the statues empty socket. The tribesman rewards you and runs of to join the rest of the crazy tribes people in their celebrations! You gain 1 x Crocodile Axe & 270,871 xp.