Entombed Jailer

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394 Dar GromSol Dungeon (9,11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Spirit Hosts
  3. Return to Start


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The as you enter the room a chill crawls up your spine. Within sits a mummified figure, defiance radiates off it like a fire. It's eyes flicker open as you draw near. 'Warrior, I see you are new to this City. A seeping terror ate at it for months before it fell. It was a long lingering death for such a beautiful place but my duty is not over. Listen a while I ask a favor of you.'

The figure nods slowly, 'You have seen much not to be troubled by such a mockery of nature as I. My name is forgotten to me. But I was the Jailer to the castle. Some of my duties were not pleasant. When the citizens of the City started to go mad, we didn't know what to do. We locked them up here and they consumed each other. You must understand that by that time most of the City was overrun by the crazed, we had no manpower to enforce order within the dungeon. I could only sit and listen the screams of the weak being eaten by the strong. But the spirits of those consumed still walk these halls. I am in no condition to put an end to them and restore order, slay 20 Spirit Host and perform my guilty chore.

The Mummified Jailer sits in his ancient office. As you enter the dried husk bursts into life, 'Have you slain 20 Spirit Host?'

The Jailer smiles, 'Thank you Warrior, duty must be honored. No matter what the cost. My Lord asked me to deal with the inmates, but it was too much for 1 man. I can now rest, you may now enter the Sewers if you wish.' You gain 557,433 XP.