Crafted to Order

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557 Catacombs of Quan (Gallery) (12,12) Restless Honor



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Quan Tomb Key
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Catacombs of Quan (Tomb) (6,8)
  5. Obtain Jade Corruption
  6. Return to Catacombs of Quan (Tomb) (6,8)
  7. Go to Fire Temple (Gate) (9,8)


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You find a Sorcerer standing admiring the rich paintings on the walls.

The Sorcerer smiles warmly at you, 'It's good to see someone who has manners still walks the Realms these days.' He then stops suddenly and lowers his voice, 'Might I trouble you for some help in a certain... matter? I need to get ingredients for an item I am making for an order. But I can't get the the item in question from the run-of-the-mill Spirits. It must be one from a Spirit of consequence. The Spirits are located in the Tomb, but it is locked against looters. I guess that the key may be found on the Terracotta Qin Guard. Can you get the key for me?'

The Sorcerer is still admiring his fine surroundings, 'Have you found the Quan Tomb Key?

He takes the Key from you, 'Splendid, lets go and see what's in the Tomb shall we? we can get to it through the Corridor.'

The Sorcerer is very impressed with the Tomb, 'Have you seen those Amalgamated Spirits of Quan (Champions)?

'They must have a potent energy, can you see if they have the Jade Corruption? It's necessary for the item I'm making you see.'

The Sorcerer is talking to his apprentice when you return, 'Did you manage to get a Jade Corruption?'

The Sorcerer takes the Essence from you, 'Marvelous, I shall now merge it with the Empowered Terracotta Amulet. I am most pleased with how this has turned out. My Apprentice has passed her Assignment and learned that Necromantic Spells efficiency has nothing to do with the condition of the animated subject, and I have a successful item. I do have one more thing to ask of you though. From the Catacombs of Quan (Mausoleum) you will find a magic portal back to Lao Xan Province. From there you can travel to the Fire Temple (Gate). If you could deliver this Amulet of Blazing Jade to the Pyromancer there, it would be most helpful. He shall of course reward you for your efforts.' You receive 1 x Amulet of Blazing Jade

The Fire Temple is a stark but lovely place, a Pyromancer greets you. 'We are waiting for an Amulet of Blazing Jade, are you the one delivering it?'

The Pyromancer takes the Amulet from you with open glee, 'Thank you, you have done us a great favor. With this Amulet, we can further our plans for the Temple! Please take this Fire Wand as payment.' You receive 1,207,800 Xp + 1 x Quan Fire Wand