Collar Retrieval

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457 Dark Mist Forest (Depths) (13,12) [none]



  1. Obtain Burning Shackle from Escaped Slave
  2. Return to Start


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In an isolated corner of the Depths, you find a small Goblin. The little wretched thing calls you over.

The foul green Grotling smiles up at you. 'Hello there mate, I got a bit of business to put your way. Old One Eye don't like his merchandise running off see. So he got these special collars that make sure the miserable beggars don't cause too much trouble. But there's always a few trouble makers aren't there. But the collars aren't cheap are they, would you be so good as to go get me a Burning Shackle?'

The Goblin Grotling waves at you as you approach, \'You got that Burning Shackle yet?\'

The Goblin takes the softly glowing chain, 'That's great, you did that really quick as well. If you ever need a good word with Old One Eye, just tell him Grubslurrp sent ya.' Your receive 687,695 Xp