Clutching Darkness

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523 The Secret Kingdom (Thicket) (9,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to The Secret Kingdom (Thicket) (9,2)
  3. Kill 30 Fae Tree Shaman
  4. Return to Start


  • 1,064,725 XP

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In the Darkness you hear a soft weeping.

A small Fae hovers before you, 'This place is very scary, I can't see a thing. I think I heard some of those Tree Shamans talking about a Shroud Shrine. I think they are giving something to the shrine. Can you see if you can put a stop to whatever they are doing?'

A foul obelisk marks the spot where the darkness is most intense.

As you get closer to it, the temperature drops. You find runes cut deeply into it's surface. Blood flows from them. At it's base you find the gruesome trophies of human Eyeballs freshly torn from their victims. You pick up an Eyeball and are amazed when the darkness lifts. You see the eye cloud at your touch. You let it drop and the Darkness returns. The Pixie will need one of these if she is going to get out of the Thicket. On the way you can put an end to some of the Tree Shaman who are doing this revolting deed. If you kill 30 Tree Shaman that should send a message. You gain 1 x Torn Eyeball

The Pixie buzzes in fear in the clearing where you left her, 'Have you put a stop to the Tree Shaman's sacrifices?'

You tell the Pixie that the Shamans were giving human trophies to an obelisk of the Shroud. For this you have slain many of them. Because the spell depends on the sacrifice of the Eyes, if you hold the Eye it lifts the Shroud. The Pixie complains about the slimy feel of the Eyeball but is pleased to be able to see again. 'Thank you, I am very grateful. I can now leave this horrid place.' You receive 1,064,725 Xp