Building Bridges

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Min Level: 20


  • Paladir Forest East (16,4)


  • Wood Axe

Items within Quest

  • Emla Wood


  • Blade of Felmaz
  • 100 xp XP
  • 500 xp XP


You encounter a group of stout Dwarves.

"Hey, are you looking for work? We have begun building a Fort nearby. Unfortunately, resources are pretty low. We construct our forts from a rare type of wood only found in certain parts of these woods. If you can find some for us then you will be greatly rewarded."


"Great! Find us some of the valuable wood and deliver it to our fort which you should find somewhere in this region. You should be paid upon arrival. Good luck!"

You discover a group of rare trees. Their barks give off a faint glow. You need a Wood Axe to chop the wood.

Chop Some Wood

"You chop some of the wood and take it." (You gain Emla Wood and 100 xp.)

"Hey, are you delivering that wood here?"

Give Wood

"Great! As we were excavating some of the earth for the constuction of the Fort we discovered this strange item..." (You gain Blade of Felmaz and 500 xp.)