Bringing the Light

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463 Thundersnow Valley (South) (16,10) [none]



  1. Go to Thundersnow Valley (South) (3,5)
  2. Obtain Qawi Seal Tooth from Qawi Savage
  3. Return to Thundersnow Valley (South) (3,5)
  4. Go to Qawi Village (5,5)
  5. Kill 15 Qawi Savage (Champion)s
  6. Return to Qawi Village (5,5)
  7. Return to Start


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The cold wind cuts you mercilessly, you walk the Valley with a growing sense of foreboding. You are surprisingly pleased when you see a light in the distance.

As you draw closer to the source of the light you are met by an angry Monk. 'The Cardinal has charged me to bring the Light to the Valley. But the local Tribes man are not willing to let us build the Temple. They attack in the night! The village is to the west but they will not let me in. Can you go there and figure out why they will not let us build?'

In front of the Qawi Village you find a Guard tower guarding the entrance.

You don't get too close when you are hailed by the Guards, 'Stop, or we will kill you where you stand, what is it you want?' You explain that you need to talk to someone in the Village to find out why the Qawi will not let the Temple of Light to be built. The guard laughs roughly, 'To enter the Village you must be one of us. Only those who carry the Seal Tooth are marked a friend of the Qawi. Only the strong may earn a Seal Tooth.'

The Qawi Guards raise their spears as you return, \'Have you the Seal Tooth that marks you as friend?\'

The Guard climbs out the Tower and takes the Tooth from you, 'You are a determined one, I have never seen anyone take a Tooth before. You may enter the Village, you must speak to the Village Elder about permission to build on our land.'

The Qawi Village is bustling with life. Children run from house to house, Dogs bark and the tribes people go about their daily tasks. It seems incongruous to you that such a normal life can be lead in this arctic land. As you walk you realize that many are beginning to stare at you, then a man comes striding out to meet you, you guess he\'s the Village Elder.

The man seems startled by your friendly demeanor, 'You are not here to harm us I see, what can I do for you?' You ask why the Qawi will not let The Light build it's Temple. 'We have no gods, we carve out our own lives here in the ice. But you have shown me courtesy and honor. I take it you follow this Light? Well, if you can prove that you, with the Light can defeat 15 Qawi Savage (Champions) we shall talk further.'

The Qawi Elder greets you, \'Have you defeated 15 Qawi Savage (Champions)?\'

The Elder nods. 'Our people live in a hard land, we ourselves might have become as cold and unthinking as it. Your Light has strengthened you and you have diligently followed it's call. I see that there is more to the Light than we first thought. You may tell the Priest he may continue, but he must do it himself. This will also prove that the Light can give provision as well as strength to those who follow it's path.'

The priest sits on the unfinished foundations. He stands at your return, \'Have you found out why they wouldn\'t let us construct the Temple yet?

You describe the Qawi Village, and their view on life. You think that the people respect both strength and persistence. As a first step, the Priest may continue to build the Temple, but he must do it himself. The Qawi see value in strength and self dependency. The Priest is astonished, 'The Church assumed that the people would help with the Temple, it brings the priests and the people together. But I shall do as you ask. We will simply have to build it. Thank you for all you help, please take this Amulet as a token of the Light's gratitude. You receive 962,579 Xp + 1 x Amulet of the Sun