Blessed Offering

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554 Gao Tain Lake (View) (3,10) none



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 10 Jiang Shi
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Kunpeng Bodies
  5. Extract components and invent Offering of Air
  6. Go to Gao Tain Lake (View) (9,8)


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In a small clearing you see a ghostly figure.

The Figure seems to be a swirling mass of air and mist, as you draw near it seems to form into a shape of a woman. 'Warrior, I don't have long. The Monks that tended my Shrine have been killed by the Jiang Shi. Can you please kill 10 Jiang Shi to clear them from my lake?'

The ghostly Woman stands in the air waiting for your return, 'Have you killed 10 Jiang Shi?'

The Woman smiles down at you. 'Thank you Warrior. With the threat gone, the Temple will send replacements for my Shrine. But my Strength is waning, I must get an Offering of Air to my Shrine in the center of the Lake. Take this Recipe and please place an Offering at the Shrine.' You receive 1 x Recipe of Offering of Air

Before you is a beautiful Shrine of the Air, a wooden platter rests on a simple alter waiting for an Offering of Air.

As your Offering rests on the wooden platter there is a gentle breeze and it vanishes in a mist. The Woman stands before the Alter, her body no longer struggles to keep its shape. 'Thank you Warrior, I am very grateful. I am a simple Spirit of the Air, but I do try to help those I can as they travel through my Domain. Please take this Storm Cloud Shield as a token of my gratitude. May your path always rest in the light. You receive 1,102,904 Xp + 1 x Storm Cloud Shield