One-Hit Setup

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Introduction to One-Hitting

The One-Hit Setup is probably the most popular hunting setup for the first 185 Levels. The One-Hit Setup integrates the combination of Attack and Damage only, and is very Stamina-friendly. It should not be confused with the Suicidal Setup.


The One-Hit Setup is important because it has two effects:

  • Good Stamina usage
  • Good levelling speed

Because each hit takes up one of a player's Stamina points, it is very important that each battle between the player and the monster only take one Stamina point in order to maximise number of monsters killed. This allows the player to use Stamina to do other things, such as casting Skill Buffs or Bounty Hunting.

Key Elements

The Key Elements of a One-Hit Setup consist of:

Dark Curse

When Dark Curse is activated upon a player, this player is enabled to sacrifice some of his/her Attack for more Damage. Because the opponent's Defence is lowered, less Attack is required.

+x% Base Damage Skills

Beserk and Fury are useful with the One-Hit Setup, and work best when all the player's Level Up Points are placed in Damage.


The One-Hit Setup has two main weaknesses:

  • 2% chance of missing; and
  • vulnerability to other players.

2% Chance of Missing

Even though a player may have enough Attack, and overcomes the opponent's Defence, there is still a 2% chance of missing the opponent completely. This is where Enhancements and Skill Buffs come in.

Enhancements such as Dodge, Nullify, and Reinforced Armour will minimise damage done to you by your opponent.

Skills such as Absorb, Force Shield, Last Ditch, Shockwave, and Stun will also help to minimise damage done to you by your opponent. If you are defeated, the buffs Defiance and Deep Pockets will minimise your losses.


Because of low Armour and Defence, other players that see you online (or see you on a square) can attack you and steal gold and make you lose xp and PvP Rating.