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Backwoods big.jpg
Leader(s): A pint of dark stout?
Founder: donalde
Allies: WG Stampers


Welcome to the Backwoods, a Top 20 Guild!

We are a bunch of easy-going guys and gals who think that Robin Hood was a sissy and didn't go far enough. He stayed in the woods with his stockings. We carried right on to the BACKWOODS! We met the Knights who 'til recently said "Ni!", bribed them with a couple of reasonably priced shrubberies and with a nice little path, ate their herring and went deeper in the woods than a knight had gone before.

Joining Backwoods

We are recruiting active(*) team-players. You don't have to be on-line 24/7, just check attack groups and other things every now and then and try to play all your stamina. We are not too picky or hard, we play for fun! Besides activity, we require basic English skills. We have a guild tax to help us collect gold. Gold deposits are generally not needed unless biini asks for them.

First, read this wiki. Learn about how we do things, and whether you will be a good fit.
Your max stamina should be at least 10x your level. 20x is highly preferred.
You should level fast, and effectively
You should read, and understand this wiki.

Leveling goals:
1-100: 15+ levels per week
101-200: 10+ levels per week
200+: 5+ levels per week

If you are level 20 and are a good applicant, feel free to apply within the guild. You should have hit that level in 6 months or less, AND have significant max stamina: you should have a bare minimum of at least 10x your level in max stamina (ie if you are level 180 you must have at least 180 x 10 = 1,800 max stamina). A good candidate would have max stamina of 20x per level or more.

If you are not quite level 20, but think you have what it takes to be an active Backwooder to climb high in (trees) ranks, ask donalde, Thorsark, Mekrushu or some other high-ranking player if you can join. If you are leveling faster than 60 levels/month and have significant character upgrades it will definitely help you join below level 150! Cheers!

(*) = Active doesn't mean that you log in every other day and go instantly off-line. It doesn't mean that you hunt 2000 stamina once a week. It means that you hunt all your stamina, regularly, and level up fast.

We'll give you the tools in form of hunting gear, massive guild bonuses, and buffs... you do the job and stay active ;-) Cheers!

The Rules

Here's are the "rules" you will be bound to when you join:

  1. NO cheating, NO begging, NO idiots
  2. Have fun
  3. Don't store crap in the guild store (read: something you can buy for gold, not FSP)
  4. Act friendly (at least towards your guild mates and allies, which also means do NOT attack them)
  5. We are all adults and we are from backwoods. We have no table manners, we drink and swear a lot. So don't take it personally if you see an f-word or two in the guild chat
  6. Get your status changed to "Out of the Booze" if you are taking a long vacation (weeks)
  7. If you need gold, gear, buffs or anything just ask (If you are asking for 100k you'd better have a some kind of explanation :-) )
  8. Must like beer (or alcohol in general) ...or at least have an unhealthy affection for trees
  9. Do not recall Guild Tagged Gear that is worn by a Guild Member (shows in Guild Store Report as Bold Blue). Exceptions to this rule are Keepers, Keep Master and a few select higher-ups
  10. Return gear after Hunting. For all gear details see the "Gear" section
  11. Leveling is MANDATORY. See the leveling guidelines.
  12. Do not capture any other relic other than The Ruined Crypt (at this time).
  13. We allow hiring of Mercenaries occasionally. If you hire regularly, you are expected to pay some of the cost (deposit or send to donalde with an explanation) - sharing mercenaries makes sense too.
  14. GvG permissions are possible, contact donalde

One Hit Guide

The Basics

This guide was written before Coordinated Attack, Smashing Hammer and a lot of new gear was introduced to the game. 1-hitting is possible (and often not even that challenging) at most levels.

All lower levels can be one-hit, with an occasional mob skip (such as the desvictus horror) - but above 185, you generally will need to have a kamikaze setup and start using potions like Berserk 300, possibly composed SH and CooA. Having 3-4K (or more!) max stamina helps, as you can hunt more efficiently (only buying a Berserk potion every other day instead of every day)

Here are some suggestions to get you started putting together your personalized one hit setup that reflects your buffs, skills, potions, level up points, gear available, etc. Beyond 186, you must build your own sets but here is a reasonable starting point. Especially beyond 200, you may wish to use your resting gear or obtain pieces to compliment the Guild's gear.

Below 120, there are lots of different combinations which will work well. Some highlights are listed here, but are by no means the only way to fly! Low levels are very gear rich and mobs are generally easy to kill (except the mushcaria beast at 111.) Levels 20-120 are more of a set highlights list.

Past level 185 the advice is looser - you will have to plan in advance for your levels. The guild may not have all the pieces listed, just the expensive, fully forged sets. You will need to use high level buffs such as Death Dealer (with a full kill streak!) with Summon Shield Imp buff (watch out the Imp's HP!), Berserk 200/300/350 potion. Also, if you can afford it, the Enchanted Weapon potion (level 1000) is very good.

One-hitting higher level Champions and Elites is generally not possible. One-hitting higher level Champions and Elites is generally not possible. However, if you build the correct setup (enough attack and damage) you can still solo almost all the Champions and Elites instead of making a group. You need to abuse Summon Shield Imp and have CA175. During combat the imp usually looses 1 to 5 HP, while CA175 maxes out damage inflicted.


"Solo" Not 1-hitting, but killing a Champion, Elite or Super Elite by yourself instead of making a group. MUCH more efficient stamina-wise than grouping, and faster.

"Safe" 1-hitting: Having enough damage to kill a mob with one hit, but also enough armor or defense to survive a hit back if you miss.

"Kamikaze" 1-hitting: Having enough damage to kill a mob with one hit, but NOT enough armor or defense to survive a hit back if you miss. However, you do try to survive with buffs such as Last Ditch, Summon Shield Imp, Shockwave, Stun, et cetera.

"Suicide" 1-hitting: Having enough damage to kill a mob with one hit, and intentionally dying when you miss. NO "save your ass" buffs, just Defiance and Deep Pockets.

Why would you try Suicide instead of Kamikaze? Due to the game mechanics of Doubler16, if you miss once and kill the mob on the next hit it costs you 32 stamina (16 + 16). If you miss, die, then kill the mob on the next hit (new combat) it only costs you 17 stamina (1 + 16.) With a high level doubler, Defiance and Deep Pockets this can be a viable approach - if you can manage it without Death Dealer. You also need a lot fewer buffs, especially those Imp refreshes! Also, lots of damage boosting buffs are available, like Co-ordinated Attack, Smashing Hammer, and weapon damage boosting high end potions (EW1000 and EW1500). These boosts come handy with the Elemental Epic weapons: REAJ, REEH, REToW and REBoF.

Level by Level

This list is old, but works with modification. Newer sets have not been added. If you are using CooA or SH buffs (Typically later levels) make sure all items used are part of a SET.

One Hitting Lvls 20+
Base around Plague set

One Hitting Lvls 50+
Base around Golden Cockatrice or Lesser Santork + Reindeer

One Hitting Lvls 60+
Base around Thonomoths + Khale sets

One Hitting Lvls 80+
Base around Deep + Darklore sets.
Alternately, Deep + Golden Cock can get you to 120.

One Hitting Lvls 90+
Add in the Rune of Decay. Some prefer to base around Decay at this point, though Deep continues to work very well.
Occasionally you cannot kill every creature with one hit, but there is always something you can one-hit. Particularly, avoid the mushcaria beasts and the Lenzwer Pale Stag. Look at the numbers!

One Hitting Lvls 120+
Mancrusha set + Deep set + Rune of Decay
After this, you really need to look into having your own defensive/resting gear and mostly relying on guild gearfor hunting only.

One Hitting Lvls 135+
Pull a Flaming Baron set for hunting (it is all in the set bonus - individual pieces are worthless) and look at hunting with Baron set + Mancrusha set + Rune of Decay. Gloves may be either Deep or Lesser Santork, depending on the armor or damage desired, particularly if you do not have all level-up points in Damage.

One Hitting Lvls 140+
Flaming Baron set + mancrusha amulet, jahd ring, umah boots, Lesser Santork Claws, Rune of Decay and full moon wolf pelt. Avoid the plague victims (unless you get HF) and avoid the Desvictus Horrors. You may want to purchase a Berserk 200 (dragon's blood) potion for a bit of extra damage.

One Hitting Lvls 150+
Many levels from 150 to 185 can be one-hit safely. Cu Sith set + Vexus set + Boots of Renzelm + Drake Ring. Later, you will switch to Greater boots of Grendal and the Great ring of Fellan. (onehit safely, kamikaze not required.) Cu Sith + Vexus sets give a LOT of damage and some defense. With additional defense items, you can continue to onehit safely for most levels.

One Hitting Lvls 180+
Cursed Samurai set + Cu Sith Set + Banshee armor. Banshee offers some nice armor to avoid going kamikaze, and depending on what you are fighting you adjust the armor and damage by choosing boots between Pelacroz, Banshee and Void. Occasionally you may also want a Berserk 200 potion.

One Hitting Lvls 186+

Now things start to get difficult. If you want to continue one-hitting, you MUST have a combination of pricey buffs/potions, such as Death Dealer (DD), Counter Attack (CA), Berserk 200/300/350, Dark Curse 200, Constitution 250, et cetera. You MUST do advance planning. You frequently will have to change gear every level, and you will sometimes have to sublevel (stay at the previous level with a 20% XP penalty) If you blindly follow this guide by rote, you will die. A LOT. From this point on the guide is just there to get you started, you MUST think on your own and see what gear is available in advance. You will probably need to buy some gear, unless you pick it up from hunting. You WILL need to buy potions, every time you hunt. If you try to buy them at the last minute you WILL pay too much for them, or not be able to purchase them at all.

Otherwise, think about putting together safe 2-hit setups and using Wither (or Wither 350.) 2-hit setups are not covered in this guide.

One Hitting Lvls 186-187
These levels require a max damage approach to one hit (often called a kamikaze or suicide setup) based around the Cursed Samurai set, Ferals gauntlets, Marpolo armor, Amulet of Sidel, Cu Sith shield, Greshas rune and Boots of pelacroz. HOWEVER, you MUST also have pricey damage buffs/potions such as Berserk 200 or 300, plus Counter Attack (CA) 50 or 75. Without the extra damage from the buffs you will die a lot. Yes, you will likely need to start doing math - or stop one-hitting. You should probably be using a Doubler450 potion or better, depending on your max stamina.

One Hitting Lvls 188+
No simple formula here - you will need to be using Ber 300, CA of some level, Death Dealer and other damage buffs. You will continue to base around Cursed Samurai set through 199. At 193, start using the Catseye Shield for more damage. If you don't do the math in advance, you will die. A lot. Notice a pattern to these warnings? Just because they aren't mentioned every single time further along, don't think you can ignore them.

One Hitting Lvls 200+
Next gear shift: Inferno hammer! Always use the Inferno hammer. Usually you will use the Lezhal set and the Catseye shield. Have a look at Tarbidas pieces to complement for soloing Champions or Elites.

In order to one-hit in level 200+ following method can be applied: [(Ma +Mhp)*(1/1.18)] -[LvlDMG * (1/0.6)]

  1. When entering a new realm check the Fallen Sword Wiki for monsters max armor and add that to monsters max hit points. This it the figure which is needed for damage after buffs.
  2. Multiply that figure by 1/1.18 to get needed damage.
  3. So now we have the amount of needed damage before CA72 (CA72 adds 18% Damage). Then subtract that figure by [level up damage points * (1 / 0.6)] (Berserk 300)
  4. Now we have the figure telling us the desired damage. If you are wearing high damage armor, EA effect can be also calculated. (example: 75 damage (using EA140) for armor giving 541 damage)
  5. Then check guild's gear, and only look for the highest possible damage for your level, no matter of the other stats. If one can get damage near calculated figure or over it, one-hitting is possible. If you are near that number, also calculate/estimate damage given by death dealer, ew140, fury, etc.
  6. The next step is to check needed attack. The needed attack = [monsters attack * 0.6]
  7. If both attack and damage show positive figure, one-hitting is possible. Just go killing. Banking is STRONGLY SUGGESTED as well as defensive buffs (Imp or LD + FS + Deflect + Abs). Results are also better with DBL 500 or 750 potion.
  • If needed damage if less after offensive buffs, then one-hitting isn't possible. It is better to two-hit and use wither. If attacks seems low, calculate keen edge bonuses.

One Hitting Lvls 225+
Inferno hammer + Hunter set + Glowing Diamond + Ferals Gauntlets + Marpolo Armor + Catseye shield.

One Hitting Lvls 235+
Inferno hammer + Steep Nojor set + Hunter Amulet + Glowing Diamond + Boots of Hellmoor + Helmet of Tonar + Ring of Fallen Goutal

One Hitting Lvls 245+
You may be able to occasionally base around Inferno Hammer + Xenix set instead of Steep to have a survivable setup. Otherwise, stick with Inferno Hammer + Steep Nojor set + Xenix helm

One Hitting Lvls 276+
Add in the Armor of Shoratal.

One Hitting Lvls 280+
Finally time to retire the Inferno hammer. Base around the Destroyer set - it will be your friend for a looooong time.

One Hitting Lvls 300+
Base around the Destroyer set and start using Sabertooth Set + Lord Valks Gauntlets. Steamwork Cuirass or armor of Shoratal

There is a public list setup here for level 300+


How do I pick what buffs to get? How much in each?

Almost always, you will want to put the absolute max number of skill points in each buff you get. Higher skill level generally means a higher level of usefulness.

Exceptions: Doubler at 50-99 points is x2, Doubler at 100-149 is x3 and Doubler at 150+ is x4. NOTE: the guild's Fury Shrine gives you +25 skill points to any skill where you already have at least 1 assigned. If you want Doubler x4, you will put 125 skill points in Doubler. With the Fury Shrine, you will be casting at a level of 150 to give Doubler x4. Summon Shield Imp and Vision are similar, no use in adding more than 125 points to the skill. No reason to put in more points than you have to. Counter Attack (CA) is another interesting one - 'ideal' (most effective for the extra stamina cost) are at 36 and 72 for the level 500 Doubler potion, and 25, 50 and 75 for the level 750 Doubler potion. For example, when using Doubler 500, CA1 to CA36 all cost you the same extra stamina per attack. Might as well use CA36. At least with CA, you can now adjust down your CA level in Preferences to match the ideal number for your Doubler.

Since you should put all of your level-up points in Damage, buffs that affect a "base" stat other than damage are completely useless ("base" means without gear, buffs, guild or relic bonuses - the points you see on your level-up page) Some useless buffs are: Rage, Great Vigor, Fortify, Evade, Aura of Protection and Rock Skin. However, sometimes you have to put 10 or 15 points in a useless skill to be allowed to buy a useful skill. For example, to buy Fury, you must have 10 points in Rage.

Others have limited utility: Absorb is only useful if you have an armor setup with just barely not enough armor and is the only semi-safe setup to one-hit, not a defense setup or kamikaze. Deep Pockets and Defiance are only useful if you get killed by creatures a lot (and if you have the right gear and buffs, you should NOT be getting killed a lot, unless you are high level and switched to an Extreme Suicide method for hunting.) Ignite looks really cool - until you realize that it only causes damage for the second+ time you hit the same creature, AND it only works half as often as the similar level 25 buff Bloodthirst (which starts on the FIRST hit!) Holy Flame is very powerful - but only against undead.

Others are useful, but are duplicated (sometimes better!) by potions, sometimes in 2 or 3 versions at different costs. These include Berserk, Force Shield, Four Leaf, Dark Curse, Constitution, Doubler, Nightmare Visage, SE Slayer, Find Item, Animal Magnetism, Unbreakable. Expensive duplicated potions include Berserk, Wither, Lib, Enchant Weapon, Find Item, Enchant Armor, Summon Shield Imp. Even duplicated with potions, due to level and/or duration of the potion versus the skill, the skill can still be useful.

Some of the buffs duplicated by potions are still very useful because the potions are weaker and/or are very expensive, including but not limited to AL, LD, Cve,

Excellent, non-duplicated buffs include AL, TH, MER, Shockwave, Blood Thirst, Quest Finder, Last Ditch, Conserve, Brewing Master, Counter Attack, Spectral Knight, Keen Edge, and Extend

Some have very impressive effects, but only activate rarely: Assist, Shatter Armor, Death Wish

When do I ask a guildmate for buffs?

Other guildmates are burning their own stamina to help you, so please only ask for buffs when you can take full advantage of them. Be polite, and don't get grumpy if there's not someone available at the exact time you want buffs.

Get ready to hunt (put on hunting gear, set aside time to hunt) before asking for buffs. Be specific about the buffs you need. If you are able to one-shot mobs, don't ask for Berserk, Fury, SK, SA, Wither and such as it is a complete waste of stamina.

Then, send a polite message stating what you need and giving your status. "Ready to hunt full (1500) stamina. Please buff me with AL and Doubler. Will buff myself with TH and Lib" After being buffed, send a thank you message.

On the flip side, once you have buffs you should be ready to help other guildmates by buffing them as well. Many of the higher level players have reset their skills and do not have AL, Lib, TH, MER, Bloodthirst and such.

Don't be a dumbass and ask someone to buff you when you have 500 (or less!) stamina left to burn, or if you are not very close to your max stamina (though if you are 8,000 out of 10,000 stamina we understand you may need to hunt now. :D

In general, THINK!

Stamina to be played: Buffs:
Max stamina, or alternately:

650: AL+ LIB
1000: TH + MER, Doubler*
1200: AM, Conserve
1500: Unbreakable***
2000: Doubler potion

For level 186 and higher only (since you should be 1-hitting below there)
2000: Wither** Deathwish**, Spectral Knight****, possibly Assist** - if you are not one-hitting.
5000+: Use Doubler750 potion.

This is a general guideline - individual players may set their own minimums.

Quest Finder is a bit of a special case - it improves quest item drops, but you still may need to make 50-100 kills for a quest item drop (instead of 200-400 kills) Find item is similar - ask for it when you need a specific item drop, such as from an elite with good drops. NOTE: Find Item reduces the chance of QF activating.

(*) = Disable doubler after you are down to 79 or 59 stamina, so you can use your remaining stamina while still buffed.
(**) = If two-hitting
(***) = If your Master Blacksmith enhancement is below 75%
(****) = If you are two-hitting and your damage is higher than [monster's_armor * 0.25]+[monster_hp]

Conversion Table
Your Level Before Bonus After Bonus
1-49 100 125
50-99 105 130
100-149 110 135
150-199 115 140
200-249 120 145
250-299 125 150
300-349 130 155
350-399 135 160
400-449 140 165
450-499 145 170
500+ 150 175

*Fury Shrine adds +25 points to all skills. This is free for Backwoods.

ABS=Absorb, AL=Adept Learner, AM=Animal Magnetism, BER=Berserk, BM=Brewing Master, BT=Blood Thirst, CVE=Conserve, DB=Doubler, DC=Dark Curse, DCT=Deflect, DEF=Defiance, DW=Death Wish, EA=Enchanted Armor, EW=Enchant Weapon, FS=Force Shield, HF=Holy Flame, LD=Last Ditch, LIB=Librarian, MER=Merchant, QF=Quest Finder, RS=Rock Skin, SA=Shatter Armor, SH=Shockwave, TH=Treasure Hunter, UB=Unbreakable, WTH=Wither



We have some useful equipment to help our players, including fully-forged items and some nice Legendary/SE/unique sets. These are of course free for guild members to use. The guild had over 1000 items at last count. Trunk Keepers are in charge of gear, so you need help with gear - ask a Trunk Keeper! If they are not available, ask in the guild chat.

Gear is in four categories: "Assigned" gear is the only gear for long-term use. The other three are: "hunting" gear, "stamina" gear and "arena" gear (all short-term use.)

Hunting Gear

Prime gear and sets (generally Perfect and fully forged) for your short-term use WHILE HUNTING ONLY. REMEMBER TO REPAIR YOUR GEAR BEFORE SENDING IT BACK. If it is fully forged or unique and over level 120, it is most likely hunting gear - so return it!

Hunting gear is located in Woodman12's backpack. Please feel free to recall and use it FOR HUNTING. Please remember to RETURN them INSTANTLY after you are done with your hunt. Failing to do so will mean a Keeper has to recall the items from you, leaving you (partly) naked and open for an easy attack. Post in chat if you want to wait for a final stamina tick and finish the end of your hunt. It is also very unkind to leave your hunting gear damaged when you return it. Then the next person (or woodman12) has to pay to use the gear. If you recall gear for another Guildmate, please make sure they know to return hunting and outgrown gear to woodman12.

Generally speaking, only pull hunting gear from woodman12's backpack. That's where we try to keep it.

If there is not a copy of the gear you need in woodman12's backpack, ask a Keeper for help.

If there is no Keeper or high level player to help, you can ask another player to use a guild item from their backpack for hunting (they may need that item for a changeout during their hunt.)

As a last resort, if the person holding the only available copy of the item you need is offline, there is no copy of that item anywhere else (or all the other copies are currently being used by someone to hunt) and all the Keepers are offline, et cetera - you may recall hunting gear from someone else's backpack. If you have to do this: return it to the same backpack when done.

Unless you are a Keeper, donalde, or biini, do NOT pull gear that someone else is wearing.

If you have any gear problems, tell a Keeper about it. Seeing someone else break the rules is not justification for breaking them yourself.

The List - really needs updating!!

  • ANY FORGED OR UNIQUE GEAR OVER LEVEL 120 is considered hunting gear, with VERY limited exceptions. Don't ask for it to be assigned.

  • List of guild gear can be gotten more easily by installing Fallen Sword Helper. After it is installed use its feature "Guild Inventory". FSH's guild inventory is very handy tool for locating gear.

Assigned Gear

If you are a lower-level player and would like to use gear long-term, please ask a trunk keeper for help. They will get you equipped with some good gear, but maybe not fully forged. You will be able to wear this gear until you are ready to upgrade as long as you are an active member of the guild. The highest level assigned gear is Mancrusha, with limited exception (such as the unforged Pharaoh and Fury Borne) The trunk keeper must explicitly tell you that the gear is assigned to you. Just because a keeper pulled hunting gear for you does NOT mean you can hang onto it when you are offline.

After Mancrusha, you should be collecting your own defensive pieces to wear offline. These pieces should also help you complement the guild sets - particularly when you need to take on a Champion or Elite.

Stamina Gear

Use this gear to increase max stamina ONLY for the stamina tick which would cause overflow. Do NOT just hang onto this gear. Return to Comosicus immediately after your tick so that others can use it. You will keep the additional stamina until the next tick (unless you spend it first, of course.)

Since there are difficulties with using the Inferno Hammer and Writhing Ward as Stamina Gear, these two items can only be used for 1 hour or less then must be returned or may be pulled. If you need/want to wear stamina gear for a long time (like 3 hours) you need to get permission from a Trunk Keeper/Keep Master, and the permission needs to be posted in chat. Otherwise, the gear is very likely to be pulled.

  • Stamina Gear
    • Cracked Lava War Hammer (+40 Stamina)
    • Rune of Stamina
    • Gloves of Stamina
    • Dark Woven Boots
    • Writhing Ward
    • Thick Hide Boots
    • Reborn Guardian Amulet
    • Inferno Hammer (The Inferno Hammers are treated primarily as Hunting Gear and can/will be recalled as such.)

Keeper titles:Grumpiest Trunk Keeper, Keep Master of Hollow Trunks, Keeper of the Hollow Trunks, Grumpiest Trunk Keeper, Nymph of the Hollow Trunks

If you think we have to get more of some items, please contact biini or one of the trunk keepers. Also note that we still have a TON of other unique/legendary items laying around, so please try to make use of them.

Epic Gear - often multiple copies

Krimson Kardic Helm
Writhing Ward
Inferno Hammer
Steamwork Cuirass
Bladed War Gauntlets

Current Ranks

  • Basic Ranks
    • XXX Guild Founder
    • 1,000,000,000 Tree Canopy
    • 500,000,000 Master Distiller
    • 250,000,000 Distiller
    • 200,000,000 Distiller Trainee
    • 150,000,000 Wood Spirit
    • 100,000,000 Birch Beer
    • 50,000,000 Root Beer
    • 25,000,000 Tree Shepherd
    • 17,500,000 Tree Elder
    • 10,000,000 Everwood
    • 5,000,000 Legendary Wood
    • 2,500,000 A nice looking and not too expensive shrubbery
    • 1,000,000 Perennial Woody Plant
    • x,xxx,xxx Guild Merger Rank
    • 375,000 Sapling
    • 0 Sprout

NEW Unique rank for 10 FSP (that's the cost from HCS)!! At least 10M Guild XP required.

  • Unique ranks
    • Vote from the Treetops
    • The Other Sinful Mouse
    • Old Man Willow
    • Driftwood
    • Wiki Board Carver
    • ENTertainer
    • Boomstick
    • Old Man Willow
    • Moonshine Tree
    • The one who sleeps under trees
    • Meandering Nymph
    • Wood Warrior
    • Redneck
    • Root Beer
    • Hit Man
    • Dead Rat
  • Special ranks
    • Wiki Board Carver
    • Keeper of the Hollow Trunks (Guild Store Managers)
    • Junior Trunk Keeper (Guild Store Managers)
    • Wood Warrior (GvG Commanders)
    • Warrior Ent (GvG Warriors)
    • Out of Booze (on vacation)
    • Petrified with Honors (Those who have gone, but still important to us!)
    • Deadwood (More XP but will be kicked on a whim)
    • Loose Branch (will be SOON removed)

  • Removed Ranks
    • 1,000,000 Princess (locked up in dungeon. Who needs royalty when you can be a boozy shrub??)
    • 75,000 Knight (armor rusty)
    • 15,000 Reeve (removed. Bah. Reeves!)
    • 3,000 Armourbearer (removing rank. Carry your own damn armor.)
    • 600 Stable Boy (rank no longer exists. Stables burned. Distillery built.)

The ranks are guidelines, some get their ranks sooner, some later, but everyone will get them. Generous donations and extraordinary game performance will be rewarded. Now go slay some creatures! :-)

Oh, forgot to mention, that if you buy yourself in with 20FSP you wont be kicked out unless you do something extraordinary stupid, like go inactive :-)

Leveling Q&A

In-game, Backwoods is primarily a leveling focused guild.

Okay, what does that mean?

  • It means that you should gain levels efficiently. If you want to join the guild, we will look and see if you have leveled at a reasonable rate. A "Reasonable" target is level 50 within your first month, level 100 within two months and level 150 within 3 months. If you want to be impressive, you should be leveling faster than "Reasonable." Once you are in the guild, we expect continued leveling - though we know it will slow somewhat.
  • You can do other things too (SE hunt, GvG, PvP, etc.) - but please keep leveling.

Leveling goals:
1-100: 15+ levels per week
101-200: 10+ levels per week
200+: 5+ levels per week

How do I level quickly?

  • Learn how the game works. Your first goal is to always spend stamina wisely.
    • When you attack a monster, you should kill it in one hit whenever possible. See the * One Hit Guide for more info on how to do that.
    • Wait to go hunting until you have maximum (or almost max) stamina.
    • Wear at least one whole gear set (such as Plague, or Deep.) You get a 20% XP bonus called "Elite Hunter"
    • Get buffed (or buff yourself) when you are about to go hunting: Adept Learner and Librarian both give an XP bonus, varying by level.
    • Doubler is nice, but is not critical at the lower levels and lower amounts of stamina. It just saves walking and finding mobs.
    • Always hunt all of your stamina after getting buffed. If you have less than 2K stamina (and/or are less than level 186) and hunt with Doubler, turn it off at the end of your hunt and keep killing mobs until you are down below 20 stamina.
    • Repair! Repair! Repair! Keep your gear in tip-top shape. Gear loses stats if you do not repair frequently.
    • If you have several thousand max stamina, you probably want to consider Doubler450, 500 or 750.

Won't I level faster with Berserk and Fury and Death Dealer and Extend and HF and EVERY OTHER BUFF YOU CAN CAST ON ME?

  • Well, are you one-hitting without them?


  • Then you don't need them and buffing you with them will slow someone else's leveling, or prevent them from casting useful buffs on someone else. Don't be greedy, don't be an idiot. Only ask for what you really need.

Where do I put my level-up points?

  • Damage.

Okay, but I put 100 in damage already. What should I put them in next?

  • Damage.

Is that all you can say? Isn't there another option?

  • Damage.
  • Okay, maybe - if you really like doing lots of math on your own with no further advice on good gear from anyone here and using obscure buffs there is a tiny minority theory that you can do sort-of okay putting all points in Defense. Nobody in Backwoods is following this theory.
  • Nevermind. Just put it all in Damage. Really.

So, what's this whole Attack, Defense, Armor, Damage thing anyway?

  • Excellent question! When you attack a mob, your stats are compared, the game rolls some random numbers and determines whether you hit the mob, whether you kill it, whether it hits you back and whether it kills you (and repeats as needed for multiple rounds.) If you have an attack about the same as the mob's defense, you will hit about half the time and miss about half the time.
  • To reliably hit a mob ~98% of the time, you need to have an Attack more than 10% higher than the mob's Defense. So, if it has a Defense of 200, you need an attack of more than 220.
  • To reliably kill a mob with that hit, you need to have Damage higher than the mob's Armor + HP (enough damage to punch through the Armor and take away all the HP.)

Okay, so I'll still miss sometimes. How can I avoid getting killed back?

  • Defense works similarly the other way too - if you want to avoid getting hit back, you need a Defense at least 10% higher than the mob's Attack.
  • If you don't have enough Defense to avoid getting hit, you need to have more Armor (or less attractively, Armor + HP) than the mob's Damage.

I really don't pay attention to stats - I just get the best sets and I one-hit everything and they can't hit me back. Why should I care?

  • Things get tougher as you get higher level. First elites can't be one-hit, then Champions, then regular mobs. The first teeny, tiny test is the Mushcaria Beast at level 111. You can just kill other things instead - unless you need to kill the Lenzwer Pale Stag for that quest. 145+ things start getting tough again until you get access to the level 150 gear.
  • You should get into the habit of preparing gear setups before hunting around level 185, and expect to change out gear frequently.
  • You can't one-hit the level 149 Desvictus Horror without truly stupid amounts of potions and buffs. The easy, cheap solution is to keep killing the Emerald Tree Viper at 148, then take the portal.
  • At level 186, the difficulty of one-hitting goes up exponentially and requires a combination of pre-planning, potions, high-end buffs and changing gear almost every mob. Not pre-planning = you die. A lot. 2-hitting is a reasonable alternative, particularly if you have less than 3K or 4K max stamina.
  • You may want to kill Champions or Elites

Champions? I just make a group. It's easy.

  • Easy, and you usually waste a crapload of your stamina and the guild's stamina. Plus, you have to wait for enough people to join your group.
  • Hunting champions after level 140 becomes increasingly difficult.
  • you should focus on building multihit setups to kill champions after 140.


  • When you make a group, it costs you 20 stamina and it costs each guildmate who joins 5 stamina (that's the same as buffing with Doubler.) If you get a full group of 18, you are spending 105 stamina on a single kill. 20 for you, and 85 from guildmates. We could cast a lot of leveling buffs or get a lot of XP and gold from killing regular mobs for that much stamina.

That's a lot of stamina! Okay, what do I do instead?

  • See if you can 2-hit (or 5-hit, or 10-hit) the Champion instead. (turn off Doubler, by the way.) Put together a high-defense or high-armor setup so that the Champion can't hurt you, and have enough damage to punch through his armor and take some of his HP each hit.
  • Make sure there is a reason to kill the Champion or Elite. Do you need to kill him to complete a quest? Is the item drop really valuable? BTW - 'really valuable' is measured in FSP, not gold.
  • If there is a good item drop, be sure to use a Find Item potion. FI250 is cheap in the AH, and FI800 isn't terribly expensive.
  • When hunting elites for drop, use high level (potion preferred) FI and 4L.
  • Sometimes you really do need a group. That's fine! Just be sure you really do need it.

Mob? Monster?

  • Either one is a generic term for a non-player creature in the game. 'Mob' in gaming dates back to at least 1990 on text-based MMORPGs

Okay, I have some FSPs. Where do I spend them?

  • There are lots of good ways to spend FSPs to improve your character.
  • First, increase your max stamina. Opinions differ, but you should have at least 10x your level in max stamina, preferably at least 20x your level (so, if you apply at level 100, you should have at least 1,000 max stamina, but 2,000 is better. Why do we care? With more max stamina you need to be buffed less often. It is a more effective use of resources.
  • More backpack slots, at least a few more. Eventually enough to hold your resting gear while you hunt.
  • Like to sell stuff? An extra AH slot can be helpful
  • Stamina gain. Regain stamina faster and level faster.
  • Continue increasing max stamina so that you only hunt all your stamina once a day, or every 2 or 3!*
  • After maxing stamina gain, consider XP gain.

How much max stamina should I aim for?

  • There are different opinions:
  • Donalde is at the low end and says 10x your level.
  • Thorsark says 20x your level, or higher.
  • Biini's word on the subject was "more."

Why do I really need more max stamina?

  • Initially you need max stamina so that you don't need to spend (someone's) stamina on buffs so often. I would much rather cast AL on you if you are hunting 2,000 stamina than if you are hunting 750 stamina. Later, if you have enough stamina your gold profits from hunting will let you afford high-end potions and still have gold left over to turn into FSPs. Consider it a "virtuous cycle" - spending FSP on max stamina lets you get more profit from a hunt, which lets you get more FSP from hunting, which lets you buy more max stamina and other upgrades.

How do I know when to use which potions and higher level buffs?

  • By looking ahead at what creatures you will hunt, and seeing what will keep you from 1-hitting (if anything.) First, try adjusting your gear to see if that will fix the problem - or at least get you partway there. You figure this out in advance so that you can buy the right potions while you still have time and look for cheap deals on potions. Common problems follow:
  • Not enough Damage
    • Start with a Berserk (Ber) potion. Cheapest are Ber175/200 ("Blood Fist" and "Dragons Blood") Next is Ber300 "Berserkers potion." Finally, Ber350 "Potion of Fury" is a last resort, as it is MUCH more expensive at ~1 FSP.
    • Fury buff. Fury is pretty wimpy for the stamina cost: only half as effective as Berserk, so only use it if Ber300 is barely not enough.
    • Counter Attack (CA) buff. CA costs quite a bit of stamina to cast, but is rather effective. The BIG downside is that it costs YOU extra stamina while you hunt(!) and the extra stamina cost is "rounded up" to the nearest whole stamina. You need to pick an "ideal" CA level for the Doubler you are using.
    • Holy Flame (HF) buff. Awesome against Undead. Useless against everything else.
    • Death Dealer (DD) buff or potion. You HAVE to maintain a good kill streak for DD to work. For max damage bonus (20%) you need a kill streak of 60 for the level 175 buff, or a kill streak of 400 for the level 25 potion.
    • Enchant Weapon 1000 (Potion of Truth) or Enchant Weapon 1500 (Potion of Greater Enchant Weapon.) Expensive, and VERY Expensive(!) respectively.(around 600K for 1000, and 14-15 for 1500)
  • Not enough Attack (I keep missing!)
    • Dark Curse is your friend. Generally the DC200 potion (sludge) in the AH. Eventually (maybe) DC225 (Black Death), at around 40-50k.
    • CA also improves your attack - see above.
  • Need more XP
    • Librarian potions (Potion of the Wise, Bookworm.) Use them when you have enough max stamina to justify the cost. At 3k, you should be able to afford Wise. At 8k, you should be able to afford Bookworm, around 1 FSP.
  • Doubler
  • Depends on your max stamina. Here is an initial guide:
    • 1000-2500 max stamina: Doubler100 (x3) or Doubler 150 (x4)
    • 2000-5000 max stamina: Doubler500 (Potion of Acceleration)
    • 4000-infinite max stamina: Doubler750 (Potion of Greater Doubler)
  • No way to 1-hit, even with expensive potions and buffs
    • Sublevel. Instead of killing the impossible-to-1-hit creature, stay 1 level lower and take a 20% XP penalty. Still more effective than 2-hitting.
    • Wither 350 potion (fatality) will generally let you 1-hit 70% of the time. Not as effective as subleveling, but it can be stacked with things like Spectral Knight (SK.) If you are just BARELY not 1-hitting, Bloodthirst also helps ~30% of the time by doing a small amount of extra damage. If you are already 1-hitting, do NOT ask for this type of buff, it is a waste of stamina!

What is this Ideal CA Level thing?
The Counter Attack buff gives you extra attack and damage, at the cost of additional stamina. All of these round up to the nearest whole point. The entire idea of an "ideal" CA level is to get the most damage and attack for the least cost. An extra point of damage isn't much, but an extra point of stamina cost per combat can add up quickly! The fraction of a stamina used interacts with Doubler, so you need to adjust the CA you use for the Doubler you use.

Doubler 450
CA40, CA80, CA120

Doubler 500
CA36, CA72, CA109, CA145

CA25, CA50, CA75, CA100, CA125

If you can't find exactly the CA you need, see if a slightly lower level of CA will work. For example, if you are using Doubler 750 and CA50 is not quite enough damage, but you cannot find CA75, you may have enough damage with CA72 - which will have the same stamina penalty per combat as CA75. Also note that it can be more efficient to sublevel (hunt creatures below your current level) than use a high level of CA. If this is not enough for you check out the #The Scary Math Section.

Any alternative approaches?

  • Yes! It seems counter-intuitive, but with Doubler750, Deep Pockets, Defiance and Wither350 it can be more effective to just die a lot.

WTF! Die a lot?!?! Dude, I hate dying!

  • Yup. The math works. If you are using Doubler 750, 2-hitting costs you 32 stamina. If you die, it only costs you 1 stamina and you lose 4x the BASE (not doubled) XP you would get from killing the creature. Weird, yes. Costs you less to die, and you have that stamina to go kill something next time. Even without Defiance, if Wither350 lets you 1-hit and you otherwise die when it does not activate, you are effectively 1.15-hitting. With Defiance, the numbers are even better.
  • Just remember to "bank" with someone frequently (send them gold during your hunt)

Any way to make the interface easier?

  • Yes. While 3rd party add-ons are generally banned by the Cow, they have looked at one Firefox script and said it does not have bannable features (they haven't endorsed using it, they just said they won't ban YOU for using it) - there are others floating around, but you risk having your account terminated for automation.

So how do I do it?

  • It is a 3-part process:
  • Install the Firefox web browser
  • Install the Greasemonkey add-on so that Firefox can run scripts
  • Install the unofficial FS Helper

The Scary Math Section

Why We Do Not Over Buff Folks

Over-buff (v): To override lower level buffs with higher level buffs

Some questions have been raised over the buffing habits of members of the guild. In particular, with regards to over-buffing of so called "low level" buffs. In some cases, getting a higher level buff might make the difference between 1 hitting and dying However, other than these special cases, most other incidences of requests for over-buffing are actually detrimental to the guild as a whole In a Nutshell, over-buffing for skills like AL, LIB, TH, MERCHANT are actually a waste of stamina for the higher level folks, while providing little to no benefit to the player who was over-buffed. Please remember that many of our guild's highest level folks are active players and they too would like to have as much stamina as possible to carry on enjoying the game.

In most cases, unless you have 10k stamina (or 4k for AL), it is wasteful for you to ask to have a level 150 buff overridden by a level 175 one.

The math, for those of you who are not convinced, can be found below (be afraid, be very afraid).

Some Conversions to be used in the math

When calculating XP buffs:
A level 550 player gets up to 106k XP per kill with doubler 750. I.e. to say, about 6625XP per stamina point. "senpaiswrd says: today my highest was about 106k" A 10 stam (AL, Lib, CSV) buff therefore potentially costs about 66k in XP for them

When calculating gold buffs:
1FSP buys 25 stamina, if assuming Marketplace is at 120k Hence a 10 stam buff (merchant) costs 48k And a 15 stam buff (TH) costs 72k

XP per stam estimations and gold per stam estimations
A level 300 player gets 1065 XP per kill (1 stamina, without any buffs, henceforth called per stam) while a level 270 player gets about 930 XP per stam (also without buffs). Hence, that is a ratio of 930/1065 = 87% for a decrease in 30 levels. Applying that ratio (to be nice, instead of using absolute values) twice, to decrease about 70 levels (again, to be nice) gives us: 700XP (930*0.87*0.87) per stam for a level 200 player with no buffs on.

Gold per kill, calculated using the same means: Level 300 player: 375 gold per stam Level 270: 325 gold per stam (86.6% ratio for 30 level decrease) Level 200: 245 gold per stam PS: This gold includes guild taxed gold

Now that the initial math is over, this is the reason why we don't like over buffing folks!

If you're a level 200 player, with already functioning level 150 buffs, over buffing to level 175 does very little difference, unless you have a great deal of max stamina...

Per Buff Calculations

  • AL

Requires 10 stamina to cast, hence a level 550 player loses about 66k XP potentially. By getting an AL level of 175 (instead of 150) you earn about 25*0.2% (from the skill description) more XP. i.e. 5%... 5% of 700XP is ... about a sad total of 35 XP per stam. If you have 2k max stam, you'll probably only end up hunting with about 1.5k (inclusive movement, missing etc.) You'll therefore get 1500*35 = 52.5k more XP. Which is totally short of the 66k that we had to lose to over buff you.

Incidentally, that meagre difference of 52.5k? It makes up about 4% of your next to level. The leveling formula is given by (level-1)^3*10, so it takes you about 1.2 million XP to level again, at level 200.

  • LIB

Also 10 stamina to cast, hence XP loss is 66k. Even worse, you only get a .1% chance increase per point for double XP. While double XP may sound good to you folks, it essentially translates to an average of .1% more XP per stam. Don't believe me? Here's more math:

Librarian level 150 on a player gives 150*0.1%=15% double XP right? Therefore in 100 stam (all of which must be 1 hit kills), a level 200 player would get 100*700 + 15*700 (for the 15 times you'll get double XP)= 80500XP Overall per stam? You got 80500/100 XP per stam, or 805 XP. Which is? 115% of 700. Yay.

Hence, if you got lib150 overbuffed by 175, then you'd effectively be getting only 2.5% more average XP per stam. If AL's 5% didn't cut it, what makes you think 2.5% will? As a side note, if you have over 66000/(700*0.025)= 3771 kills per hunt (i.e stam of about 4.5k), we might consider over buffing...

  • Conserve

This one is an even bigger laugh. It gives 0.05% chance of activation per point. So over buffing from level 150 to level 175 gives us a 1.25% chance of increased activation. As with Lib, that just means that you have an increase of 1.25% average XP per stam. Which means you will earn only about 8.75XP more per stam. With 2000 stamina to burn, you'll only get about 1500 stamina to kill things with. Without going through all that boring math again, I think you should know that you'd earn waaaaay less than 66k XP (the actual value is closer to 13k XP.)

Therefore, if you don't have high max stam, over-buffing doesn't do us any good overall! If you already have buffs, use em!

Gold is by far a much sadder case than XP buffs.

  • TH

15 stamina to cast, hence cost of casting 72k gold. Since it provides 0.2% more gold per point, a level 175 buff will provide 5% more gold. And at level 200, that means that you get 5% more of 245 gold per stam. i.e. about 12.25 more gold per stam. Hence to pay for the 72k that your over-buffing cost, you’d need to kill about 72000/12.25 = 5877 mobs. Or spend that much stamina killing them.

  • Merchant

Is the last clunky fellow. That one gives 0.05% chance of double gold. Sound familiar? Yep exactly as librarian functions, 'cept that it targets gold and only gives half the benefit. That means that you get a grand total of about 1.25% extra gold per stam when over buffed. Therefore, to get back the 72000 that the overbuffing cost, you would need about 12000 stamina.

SUMMARY: For those of you who don not wanna plow through the math, levels 150 buffs and above are PLENTY for folks with less than like 4-5k stamina. So if you have them, use them! Do NOT be stupid and ask to be over buffed. That is a waste of guild resources It is akin to sucking the higher levels dry just so you can improve yourself a little. Sure, if you do not have the buff, we wouldd be happy to give it to you, since the buff itself can and will make a difference to all of us. But if you wanna get your "better buffs?" Can it, and go buy them yourself. I know I do.

The Mysteries of CA

This is a forum section that was done, well I may add, by ECOFROG. I merely copied it here for everyone to look at. The original forum post can be found here

WHY is your Counter Attack level 36?


I think the buff is most useful for me given my leveling strategy and the doubler buff that I use. I am sometimes have to buy Counter Attack 72 so let me know if you have it! See below for a more detailed explanation....


Uses 0.25% extra stamina (per point) to add 0.25% to both attack and damage. (Both values are rounded up, vs. creature only)


You would use CA if you needed to increase your damage just a bit to go from 2 hits to 1 hit, or possibly from 3 hits to 2 hits...


It depends

Lets assume you are using Doubler 500. That is 11X stamina for 11X EXP/gold.

Since stamina always rounds up with Counterattack. 11.2 stamina, 11.5 stamina and 11.99 stamina would all round up to 12 stamina used.

If you have any value up to 36 in CA (using doubler 11X) you will be using 12 stamina because:

X * (1 + P * 0.0025) = S where: X is the value of the doubler you are using P is the number of points in CA S = amount of stamina used.

11 * (1 + 36 * 0.0025) = 11.99 which will round up to 12.

36 points in counter attack will give you: 36 * .0025 = 9% more attack and damage.

Any value under 36 gives you less than a 9% increase in damage for the same 12 stamina. Therefore you maximize the damage increase per increase in stamina by choosing 36.

If u had 37-72 points in Counter Attack then you will use 13 stamina since:

11 * (1 + 72 * .0025) = 12.98 which will round up to 13.

The same logic applies. It makes sense to use CA 72 and get the maximum increase in damage for the increase in stamina cost. The following values maximize damage for the stamina used.

EDIT FOR Doubler 750 level 25 uses 17 stamina and gets you 6.25% more damage and attack. level 50 uses 18 stamina and gets you 12.5% more damage and attack. level 75 uses 19 stamina and gets you 18.75% more damage and attack. level 100 uses 20 stamina and gets you 25% more damage and attack. level 125 uses 21 stamina and gets you 31.25% more damage and attack. level 150 uses 22 stamina and gets you 37.5% more damage and attack. level 175 uses 23 stamina and gets you 43.75% more damage and attack. EDIT ENDS

For doubler500

level 36 uses 12 stamina and gets you 9% more damage and attack. level 72 uses 13 stamina and gets you 18% more damage and attack. level 109 uses 14 stamina and gets you 27.25% more damage and attack. level 145 uses 15 stamina and gets you 36.25% more damage and attack. You wont max damage but: level 175 uses 16 stamina and gets you 43.75% more damage and attack.


If you are using different doubler values then the optimal Counter Attack values exist.

You can use: X * (1 + P * 0.0025) = S and round down to solve for yourself

X is the doubling power (doubler 450 X = 10, Doubler 4X, then X=4, etc) P = the number of points S = stamina u wish to use. (For doubler 10X u would use 11, 12, 13 for values. For150 you would use S values = 5, 6 or 7)

Rearrange the equation to solve for P.

P = (S / X - 1) / 0.0025 and ALWAYS round down

In the above example to maximize points per stamina use by substitution. I use Doubler X11, and need just a little more damage to 1 hit. So if I only want my stamina cost to go to 12 I solve as follows:

P = (12/11 - 1) / 0.0025 P = (1.090909 - 1) / 0.0025 P = .090909 / 0.0025 P = 36.36 ROUND DOWN P = 36.

For those who have not reached grade 9 math or who have otherwise forgotten or ignored their math education, here is the chart for doubler 4X and 10X which are the most likely doubers that will be used.


40 points uses 11 stamina and gets you 10% more damage and attack 80 points uses 12 stamina and gets you 20% more damage and attack 120 points uses 13 stamina and gets you 30% more damage and attack 160 points uses 14 stamina and gets you 40% more damage and attack You wont max damage but: 175 points uses 15 stamina and gets you 43.75% more damage and attack

For Doubler 4X 100 points uses 5 stamina and gets you 25% more damage. You wont max damage but: 175 points uses 6 stamina and gets you 43.75% more damage and attack

WHAT IS THE BEST STRATEGY? It makes sense to use the lowest power counter attack as possible to get the necessary improvement. Since the goal is to 1 hit (or go from 3 hit to 2 hit) and use as little stamina as possible then there is an optimal strategy at different levels and this will usually mean that lower counter attack values are better. If you are already 1 hitting then counter attack will hurt you since you will get no benefit and be using more stamina. If you can get from 2 hits to 1 hit using counter attack 36 that will save you one round of combat for every kill. If 36 wont do it but 72 will then use CA72. But if 36 is good enough then any value over 36 is a mistake.

Someone else using counter attack 175 when CA 36 would have done... They would be getting the same benefit of 1 hitting but would be using 16 stamina instead of 12 per kill. That means that you save 4 stamina per kill using CA36 compared to CA175. Since you are killing 1000s of creatures, that 4 stamina per kill will really add up.


Compare Counter Attack to your chance of 1 hitting. IF you are already 1 hitting 100% of the time, you do not want this buff. It will just cost you stamina. IF this buff can not get you 1 hits then you do not want this buff. It will just cost you stamina. IF you are sometimes 1 hitting then the value of counter attack is diminished and it is worse the higher the level of CA you use. IF it always gets you from 2 hits to 1 hit you may want the buff but it still depends on stamina cost and your max stamina.

There are many ways to 1 hit a 2 hit zone. Deathwish, Wither, PS, CH, or maybe ignite, blood thirst, assist or shatter armor etc etc.

Lets compare wither350 potion and use Doubler X10 for arguments sake: Wither gets you 70% 1 hit kills so: 7 times out of 10 you use 10 stamina and 3 times out of 10 you use 20 stamina. That is a total of 130 stamina for 10 kills or an average of 13 stamina per kill.

If you look at the doubler 10X chart above you will notice that that is the same as using CA120 and 1 hitting all the way. As such, any value of CA over 120 would be worse in terms of stamina use and any value under 120 would be better in terms of stamina use if you can get 1 hit kills. If you need CA 175 to get 1 hit kills you will be 1 hitting the entire way BUT you will be using 160 stamina per 10 kills. That means that someone using Wither 350 is leveling more efficiently by a value of 3 stamina per kill (1000 kills X 3 = 3000 stamina.... value that as you will).

Using both Wither 350 and CA together is either a waste of a Wither potion or a waste of stamina. If CA gets you 1 hits then why use a wither potion? That said, wasting a wither potion is not the worst mistake you can make. If a Wither potion gets you 1 hits, then why spend more stamina with counterattack? That is a terrible mistake.


A rough guide would be to determine you chances of 1 hitting using various strategies.

Wither 350 gets you 70% 1 hits Wither 175 gets you 35% 1 hits Death Wish 175 gets you 5.25% 1 hits (they do not add! Wither 350 + DW 175 is not 75.25% chance of 1 hitting it is 71.575% 1 hitting)

Regardless, 75-80% 1 hitting can probably be attained without using CA if you use all the best potions and buffs.

K * S + (1-K) * 2S

Where K is the chance of 1 hitting as a decimal and S is the stamina cost per combat round)


K2 * S2

Where K2 is the percent of times you will 1 hit and this value should = 1 and S2 is the Stamina cost using counter attack

If Equation 1 is less than equation 2, do not use CA. If Equation 2 is less then eq 1 then use CA

In other do not use CA if: K * S + (1-K) * 2S < K2 * S2

But use CA if K * S + (1-K) * 2S > K2 * S2

and if K * S + (1-K) * 2S = K2 * S2

Then it doesn’t really matter (or it matters on which buffs are available or cheaper... but the difference is minor unless you can save a wither potion). Since the current optimal choice is to use Wither 350 plus other buffs to get you 1 hits, you can probably 1 hit over 70% of the time. In that case K * S + (1-K) * 2S will be less than K2 * S2 for using doubler 11 if CA36 or 72 will work but not for higher values. For doubler 12 CA40 or 80 are viable and for doubler 4X only 100 makes sense. Having CA values other than 36, 40, 72, 80 or 100 therefore is probably not a good strategy compared to a wither 350 potion.

The only other thing to consider is that if Wither 350 plus EW1000 may cost you 10-15 FSPs. 10 FSPs could be converted directly to 250 stamina, so if CA is not exactly perfect that is OK, especially if your max stamina is so low that you can’t get good value out of a Wither potion...

SO lets assume Doubler 10 and 70% success rate on killing with wither. (makes math easy)

That means you will use 7 X10 stamina plus 3 X 20 stamina or 130 stamina for 10 kills or 13 stamina per kill.

Using CA40 (best with doubler 10X) you use 11 stamina per kill Using CA80 you use 12 stamina per kill Using CA 120 you use 13 stamina per kill Using CA160 u use 14 stamina per kill.

In effect CA120 is the same as Wither350 (minus the cost of the wither potion) when using Doubler 10X. If however you have DW and PS CH getting you 1 hits as well, then wither is still a little better. With 80% 1 hits using DW Wither, PS CH then the math falls to 8 at 10 and 2 at 20 so then the cost is only 12 per kill using wither. The likely value is twelve point something so CA40 is good, CA80 is probably a little better and CA120 is probably a little worse, but since u save 8 or 9 FSPS on the wither potion i would still be willing to say that CA values up to 120 are worth it.

The other problem is what if 1 level CA40 is best then the next CA80 then the next Wither would be better, then back to 80... that is irritating.

The Same math works with CA36 and CA72 getting you a bit of a bonus...

7 kills at 11 and 3 kills at 22 = 143 for 10 or 14.3 stamina using Wither 350. 8 kills at 11 and 2 at 22 is 132 for 10 or 13.2 stamina using wither 350 plus other buffs.

level 36 costs you 12 level 72 costs you 13 level 109 costs you 14

The same logic applies. Level 36, 72 or 109 may be viable strategies. better or equal to wither 350 if you can use the same level buff all the way and it is better if you can minimize the buff level.

Current Buildings

  • Battle Totem Level 18
    • Provide +36 attack to guild members (3% per level)

  • Health Shrine Level 18
    • Provides +90 HP for you (5% per level)

  • Armory Level 18
    • Provides +36 arm and +36 def (2% each per level)

  • Endurance Shrine Level 3
    • Provides +15 stamina GAIN per hour for you (5 per level) so you gain 360 stamina per day more than normally

  • Thieves Guild Level 2
    • Provides 40% thievery enhancement (20% per level)

  • Weaponsmith Level 17
    • Gives you 51 more damage (3% per level)

  • Temple Level 5
    • Provides 50% increase in Holy enhancement (10% per level)

  • Shrine of Pain Level 5
    • Enhances critical hit chance by 25% (5% per level)

  • Tranquil Retreat Level 10
    • Provides 200 more MAX stamina for you.(20 per level)

  • Destructive Shrine Level 6
    • Increases the Breaker enhancement by 60% (10% per level)

  • Pentagram Level 6
    • Increases Banishment enhancement by 30% (5% per level)

  • Protection Shrine Level 7
    • Increases Protection enhancement by 70% (10% per level)

  • Blade Master Level 6
    • Increases Piercing strike by 60% (10% per level)

  • Bandit Camp Level 5
    • Increases Master Thievery enhancement by 25% (5% per level)

  • Awareness Training Level 5
    • Increases Protect Gold enhancement by 25% (5% per level)

  • Training Room Level 10
    • Increases Dodge enhancement by 50% (5% per level)

  • Crippling Shrine Level 19
    • Increases Disarm enhancement by 38% (2% per level)

  • Blacksmith Level 5
    • Reduces repair costs by 50% (10% per level)

  • Sustain Shrine Level 5
    • Increases the duration of the buffs by 25% (5% per level)

  • Tavern Level 1
    • Allows guild to see the time until next available mercenary is available.

  • Crafter's Workshop Level 5
    • Increases your crafting skills by 100% (20% per level)

  • Military Advisor Level 1
    • Shows the stats of your group

  • Fury Shrine Level 5
    • Increases your buff levels by 25 (5 per level)

  • Guild Registrar Level 3
    • Allows you to view and recall guild-locked items

  • Preemptive Temple Level 15
    • Increases First Strike by 30% (2% per level)

  • Combat Pit Level 25
    • Increases Duelist enhancement by 25% (1% per level)

  • Inventors Laboratory Level 10
    • Increases Master Inventory enhancement by 50% (5% per level)

  • Scout Tower
    • Allows you to view current kills on any active Titans

Paths to the Relic

In case anyone didn't know we are trying to hold the relic known as The Ruined Crypt:

You just need ~50 Stamina to get there.

  • Portal to Azlore plains -> Enkmar Scrubland (North) -> 6 steps
  • Krull -> Mountain Path -> Temple of the Ways (another way to a portal - See directions below)

Remember: To leave you can Instant Portal back to Krul Island. It takes 64 stamina to walk to Varas Portal after recall.

To get to Portal via Mountian Path: Take instant portal to Krull Island. Then select Misty Mountains on Krull Island map. On Misty Mountains (Mountain Path) walk SE, until you come to Cathedral of the Ways(8,16). Cathedrals southern-most point has entrance to inside Cathedral(6,2). Once inside, walk directly north. You come to a portal. Take portal to Azlore Plains. On Azlore Plains, go to Enkmar Scrubland (North). Once there, walk, skip or jump to the portal.


Biini steps down from guild founder due to time constraints. Long live donalde!

05:55 09/Mar/2010
'Aralle' has left the guild. A sad day for all.

Syndemus becomes the first lvl 700 in the guild!! CONGRATULATIONS!!


We are still ranked 17th in the Top 250 Guilds. WE ARE AWESOME!

Walker guild merges with Backwoods. Welcome!

Magundy killed Malphas. And there was much rejoicing... by Magundy.

We pass Cincinnati Bengals and rise to TOP25! ...and still rising. :)

We pass Glorious Monty Python and rise to TOP30 again! Hopefully to stay this time :) Cheers!

Lots of things, lazy news reporter ;) Aralle has risen to top250 and biini is back at top300. We have all the buildings, not maxed though. Woodman has been selected to hold shared guild hunting sets and Mags, Donalde and DeFalco has been chosen to keep track on guild items.

We've risen to TOP40! :)
Mighty AugusBeef is finally in TOP250! Congrats!

AddWin has respectively first obtained common rank of Tree Shepherd! Backwoods congratulates!

Backwoods 1-year birthday (give or take couple of weeks)! To celebrate this we have maxed out our member count! So lots of free space for active Backwooders-to-come!

Skills are moved to this site to ease maintaining. Please fill your own line, or ask a guild mate for help :)

The deleveling party against Northern Alliance went perfectly. -10 levels as expected. Hope they learned their lesson. A big thanks to our new ally WG Stampers for help.

We have just formed an alliance with WG Stampers! We are working on an official communications channel. Any ideas are welcome.

Useful Links

Buffer listings - This site is a list of users that sell buffs.

The uber map - Color flow charts showing how to get to where you want to go.

Wiki level by level area list The replacement to mowglick's page. Kinda.

Where to hunt at your level.

Alternate list of places to hunt at your level.

Experience Gain Calculator - To determine value of XP Gain Upgrade.

Attack & Damage Calculator - Simple tool to use to calculate if you can kill a mob.

Stat Determinator - More advanced tool to use to calculate if you can kill a mob.

Best Items for current level - Use this tool to find single items by a specific stat to compliment your sets.

Stamina Calculator - This tool calculates when your stamina will be full

Inventing guide - Shows what you need and where to find it for potion and item creation

Fallen Sword Helper - A plugin for Firefox that adds many shortcuts, options, and goodies to FS. Requires Greasemonkey plugin.

IRC Chat - Quick link to the backwoods channel in the IRC world


If you are interested in GvG, please one of the higher levels know. We want you to do GvG, because frankly most of us don't pay attention to it.

Players may respond to a conflict using their own judgment, as long as that judgment continues to be good.

Most ranks do not allow starting conflicts, but if you are a regular and wish this, ranks can be changed! Prove yourself!

Guild Mergers

Preliminary. Under discussion. Want something different? Talk to us!

Backwoods is open to a guild merger with one or more smaller guilds. Read the wiki, see if we are compatible and message donalde or one of the other high level players in-game.

What we expect from you:

  • Most or all of your active, leveling players will join Backwoods.
  • The players joining will meet (or at least be close to) our joining guidelines.
  • Most or all of guild gear will be sold to upgrade characters joining Backwoods, or given to them as resting gear. Stuff we need will be re-tagged (mostly a few more Epics or similar)
  • Players needing resting/offline gear will have that gear transferred over with them
  • Players will continue to be active, level and participate just like any other Backwoods member.

What you can expect from us:

  • Access to nearly all hunting/leveling gear in the game, crafted and fully forged up through level 712 (except for some Titan gear)
  • A welcome into the Backwoods family
  • Top 15 guild
  • Level Based guild tax. NO DEPOSITS. Use the gold to improve your character.
  • At your option, a temporary custom rank reflecting your former guild until you build Backwoods guild XP to 1M.
  • Immediate ability to recall hunting gear to your backpack if your GF vouches you're not a dumbass.
  • Free buffs as long as you're not a dumbass about it. See guidelines above. This should be obvious, but apparently it is not this way in some other guilds.
  • Advice and guidance on leveling effectively and quickly.
  • We will kick inactive players to make space for you
  • Probably more we're not thinking of - hey, just ask!


Former members who stole from the guild store, then fled. They ignored or refused repeated polite requests to return the item(s) in question.

Edit: List cleared.

ALL thieves have either made full (or full plus some) restitution or have had their accounts deleted because we found their other multis and reported it to The Hunted Cow.

Neither type are named here.